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Join us Wednesday, June 22 (2022) at 2 pm Pacific Time / 5 pm Eastern Time for The Mother Rites of Danu.

Hear the call of the Irish goddess Danu who wishes to awaken within your soul, your unique ways of mothering, nurturing and creating. As women this is the second of three key phases in our lives — the blood mysteries of Maiden, Mother, and Crone — and part of our Goddess Within series. 

If you wish to encourage your caring, nurturing side, and/or the birthing of your creativity, I invite you to explore the Mother archetype, and receive the Moon Mná Mother Rites of the Irish Celtic goddess Danu, the second in our Goddess Within/Blood Mysteries series.​ I offer these as a Moon Mná Women’s Circle Facilitator, accredited by Dr Karen Ward of Moon Mná in Dublin, Ireland

In addition to our live Zoom gathering on June 22nd at 2 PM Pacific Time (where you will also be joined by members of our Bean Gealach Circle), when you register you will receive additional materials in support of your connection to the Mother archetype, such as:

  • Introducing The Great Mother
  • Introducing The Mother: goddess & archetype
  • Shadows: the Mother Wound and Trans-Generational Trauma, Parts 1 & 2
  • The Moon Mna Mother Rites of Danu: Preparation for our Gathering

Click here for more info and registration.

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