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This year, I will be celebrating Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Little Christmas in Irish, roughly pronounced as noll-egg nah mon) on January 6th, and I invite you to join us in this very special FREE event to celebrate our herStories and the goddesses of Ireland. Hear Moon Mná around the world sharing their tales and experiences with the goddesses. And I’ll be sharing a tale about The Crone, An Cailleach!

For those of you not familiar with Women’s Little Christmas, it is a Celtic tradition from days of yore and is still celebrated in Ireland, the Isle of Man and in some parts of England and Scotland, and possibly in other countries.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas —January 6th, which is also the Christian holiday of Epiphany — women of all ages would get together and celebrate… and the men would stay at home! It became a perfect time to share stories, bond, dream, and celebrate. Not exactly a Red Tent but close to it, and often more likely to be held at the local pub, but that’s another story.

This holiday is now being reclaimed (and secularized) as a celebration of women, our Divine Feminine and of our herStories:  the women we know, the women who inspire us, the women of our blood (family) and bone (ancestors), and the women of our future (our daughters, nieces, and descendants).

Image of the Goddesses of Ireland book and the event sponsors Irish Central, Moon Mná and Herstory

This year’s Nollaig na mBan celebration is based on the recent book Goddesses of Ireland: ancient wisdom for modern women by Dr. Karen Ward and artist Bernie Sexton.

Moon Mná join with Herstory and Irish Central to present a heartwarming celebration with storytelling, poetry, music and dance to revive this ancient tradition with our global gathering of womenfolk.

You will have the opportunity to experience short Immrama (Irish for ‘Wonder Voyages’) with Goddesses Brigid, Tlachtga, the Morrigan, the Cailleach, Ériu, Síle Na Gig and Airmid during this wonderful communal event. Dressing up in your glad rags while sipping a cocktail, a glass of vino or a mug of cocoa is optional!

women in evening dresses from the 1890s, toasting with a glass

How to Join the Zoom Meeting

show up 5-10 minutes before 8pm Irish Time…

Meeting ID: 890 9175 4477 Passcode: 2hA0h9


The Goddesses of Ireland

Created by Dr. Karen Ward, founder of Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles and co-director of Slí An Chroí Irish Celtic Shamanism and renowned Designer and Publisher Bernie Sexton, the Goddesses of Ireland book offers women the precious gift of time to reflect and ponder. 

Thirteen Goddesses of Ireland reach forward from the mists of time as potent archetypal energies to empower us today. Contemporary Irish women share their personal accounts of how these Goddesses resonate with them, informing and influencing their lives. This beautiful spiritual book highlights how these female Irish deities and their wisdom echo down the ages to inspire, encourage and guide us today.

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