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launching mid-February 2022
connect to your inner wise, wild and witchy self
(re) awaken your essence and manifest it in your way of being

I ​am so excited about our newest offering: monthly online gatherings for the Wise Womxn who follow an Earth-based and/or goddess spirituality, or are curious about it, and wish to (re)connect with their essence. For now, we are calling it the Bean Gealach Circle (Bean, pronounced “ban” is Irish for woman. Gealach is Irish for moon. So, a moon woman).

Ojibway author Richard Wagamese, now walking with the Ancestors, expresses so well what it means to connect with one’s essential self.

WHAT COMES FROM SPIRIT is beyond time, beyond place. It exists in another realm and when I get in touch with it, when I get in touch with my essential self I am transported, altered, changed, empowered and I become less a human being working than a perfect spirit moving. This is powerful. This is truth. This is spiritual. ​— from Richard Wagamese Selected: What Comes from Spirit

The goal of our Circle gatherings is simple:
to support you in (re)awakening your essence and manifesting it in your way of being and in your practice, as you align with the energies of earth, sun and moon, and to (re)connect to your inner wise, wild and witchy Self.

Together we will listen to the voices and songs of the ancient mothers, share tales from our herstories, journey, connect with the land, the sea and the sky, and the liminal spaces between them.  And we will explore how we can bring that into our way of being, our soul work, our rituals and practices.

The gatherings will be virtual via Zoom, and each will explore a different theme inspired by the realms of Land, Sea and Sky; the seasons in the Wheel of the Year; and the goddesses archetypes within us all . . . and how we can align with those energies.  

Each gathering will include a mix of elements, although each session will have a clear focus and intent, with additional support materials available in our Ruzuku platform.

These gatherings will be fully interactive and experiential as we tap into our inner wisdom and gifts using various modalities and tools such as group discussion, free-writing prompts, drawing from the soul, guided meditations, and more.

For more details about the gatherings and their content, click here.

We are launching the gatherings in mid-February, and I have a special offer for you:

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