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Image source: Kellepics, Pixabay

This year (2019), the Sun entered Leo on July 23rd and we began tuning into the 8:8 Lion’s Gate power portal which peaks on 8/8/2019 and ends (closes) when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd.  You may see various dates for when the portal opens and closes, but all agree that the peak is on August 8th (8/8).

And for those who love gazing at the night sky, watch out for the Perseid Meteor Showers which peak from August 12-13th in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Lion’s Gate is still open.

This 8/8 date is essentially the mid-point between the June Solstice and the September Equinox, which in the Northern Hemisphere many of us would recognize as the Cross-Quarter celebration of Lughnasadh (aka Lammas). In the Southern Hemisphere, this would be recognized as Imbolc aka Candlemas.  FYI, “true” Lughnasadh/Imbolc this year fell on August 7th at 11:52 UTC.

I am neither an astrologer nor a numerologist (for whom the number 8 has great significance, representing infinity, higher consciousness, and spiritual power), but have been fascinated by the Lion’s Gate 8:8 concept for a few years, especially as it is so closely aligned with true Lughnasadh (NH) and true Imbolc (SH).

The Lion’s Gate Portal, named for the Zodiac sign Leo, is essentially a cosmic alignment of Earth, Sun and the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky, and a significant star to ancient cultures and astronomers).

During the portal, Sirius aligns with Orion’s belt in the night sky, and with the Giza pyramids, per the image below.

Some believe the Lion’s Gateway is a cosmic portal between physical and spiritual realms, just as some of us see Samhain and Bealtaine as a thinning of the veils between the physical world and the Other World.  It is seen as a time of heightened consciousness, high frequencies, accelerated ascension, connection and activation. For instance, you may notice a significant change in two chakras: your heart chakra (a healing or opening) and your third-eye chakra (an awakening or charging)… increased communication with guides, allies and ancestors… a burst of energy or a profound sense of peace.

These type of celestial events serve as a significant reminder to practise self-awareness and bring attention to one’s journey by delving into some soul work, such as:

  • checking in on your energies
  • checking in on your alignment with your own path
  • channelling the Leo energy by showing your pride, in your Self and in your pride/tribe (however you define that)
  • roaring like a lion or lioness! and speaking your truth!

What do you sense at this time of the Lions Gate Portal?

How does it manifest for you?