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Some call this the Full Flower Moon, others the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon. I like to name the moons based on how Mama Earth is manifesting around me and each month the name reveals itself to me in the days leading up to the Full Moon.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign, aligned with the Water Element. Scorpio has a wonderful transformation and intuitive energy, associated with moody intensity, increased intuition, sexuality (and the reproductive organs). Coupled with the emotional Water energy, they are a great pairing with the lusty sensuality of Bealtaine!

What will you name this Full Moon? 

Full Moon Energetics

Full Moons are always very special — at the peak of lunar energy, reflecting the full light of Father Sun, and casting that bright light into the dark recesses within us. Scorpio in particular, with its psychic energetics, sees even deeper, to what has dug in so deep into our psyche that we may no longer even be aware of it or its influence. The Scorpio Full Moon emboldens us to transform and release, free ourselves of that filter.

This is an especially potent time, as the veils between the worlds are thin and more permeable at both Bealtaine and Samhain. You may find that your intuitive senses have deepened even more, connecting you to the otherworld realms . . .  perhaps you are receiving messages from your ancestors, guides and allies.

With the combination of Bealtaine and the Full Moon energies, you may feel like everything is enhanced, fired up . . . your intuition, your emotions, your sensuality, your passions. You are like the FireBird or the Phoenix . . . burning, transforming, coming alive. Zinging!

At the Full Moon, many turn to the Mother Goddesses for support and inspiration, such as Gaia, Demeter, Isis, Hestia and Green Tara. But there are other Goddesses associated with the Moon who can also support us including Artemis, Diana, Luna, Mama Quilla, and Selene. We can also look to the goddess of Bealtaine such as Eriú aka Erin, and/or Medb aka Maeve. 

This Full Moon, and the waning period that follows, is a good time for a release, to support you in moving through the Light Half of the Year from Bealtaine to Samhain.

Consider trying a Water Release at this time, tapping into the enegies of Scorpio.

Click here for a water release I posted a few years ago.