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During the Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse on Monday, November 30th, Moon Mná Facilitators around the world (most at the beginning of the eclipse), along with all others who wish to participate, will start their Worldwork ritual — a  Lunar Eclipse Healing Ceremony, suggested by our mentor Dr. Karen Ward — to harness the energies of Seanmháthair Gealach and collectively bring healing to the ancestral grandmothers of blood, bone and spirit.

These are the women upon whose shoulders we stand, and each days through November we have collectively been sharing stories of our ancestral grandmothers of blood, bone and spirit. It has been an inspiring experience as tales of hardship, resilience and gratitude were shared.

In my ritual, I will also be calling on An Cailleach, as this is her time, and she is a Great Mother to us all.

I invite you to join us energetically in your own way and in your own time, and add your energy to that global ripple of healing, knowing that all time is now and that any ritual you create will be perfect.

You can follow our ritual (below) or let it inspire your own ritual for healing the ancestral mothers.

Mark your calendar for the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Begins @ 07:32 UTC • Peaks @ 09:42 UTC • Ends @ 11:53 UTC

Convert to your local time at Time Zone Converter.

Set up an ancestral altar in a way that resonates with you, perhaps with mementos of their places or ways of being such as a stone, a picture, a tool they might have used, pictures of your ancestral birthplace, a piece of fabric, a candle to honour them or the recently passed, mementoes of your spiritual heritage, etc.

Cleanse, create sacred space, call in the directions and your guides, allies, ancestors. Call on Seanmháthair Gealach, An Cailleach (or any other Great Mother goddess or deity) and ask all for their support in sending healing energies to the ancestral mothers.

Meditate with your ancestral mothers and offer them healing and gratitude. Perhaps their energies will inspire something in you —perhaps a call to create sound with a rattle, drum or singing bowl. Perhaps a song or chant spontaneously springs forth. Allow their energy to inspire you, as by doing so you are both honouring and healing the ancestors. And perhaps your Self.

Ancestral altars from previous years

You might consider asking the ancestors a simple question, such as “How can I support you now?” or “What can I do now to help heal your pain or wounds?”

When you feel the work is complete at that moment, thank all who supported you in the meditation — especially the ancestors — and close your sacred space in the same way you opened it.

Know that the healing will continue and you may continue to receive messages from the ancestors.


I love using music in my ceremonies and rituals, and this video from Sandy Vaughan — Grandmother Song — would be a wonderful accompaniment to your ritual.

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