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The New Moon in Aries ♈︎ arrived on April 5th at 08:50 UTC, marking a new lunar month and the beginning of the astrological year

This lunar month in our free course, 13 Moons, 13 Goddesses, we explore the Mother archetype and her complement, the Crone, which energetically reflect the coming Sabbats of Bealtainne (NH) and Samhain (SH) on May 1st. And on April 22nd we also honour our Great Mother — Gaia, Mother Earth, Danú.

So, for this humble hedgewitch, this month’s Lunar Theme is inspired by all those energies and builds up on last year’s theme of “Love the Earth, Love the Self”.

We are Mama Earth
Love the Earth, Love the Self

And just as the Great Mother creates all, let us embrace her wisdom and energies and look to how we can support not just our planet but how we can use those Mother and Crone energies to create new magick and possibilities in our own lives. . . and ask ourselves the questions as part of your Soul Work for this month’s journey:

If I loved Mama Earth as much as my Self,
how differently would I now treat her?
How would I honour that love?

If I loved my Self as much as Mama Earth,
how differently would I now treat myself?
How would I honour that love?

What theme calls to you this month?

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I love the image of Mother Earth above (with the Thich Nhat Hanh quote) but, so far, have been unable to confirm artist attribution.

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