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To our kin in the Southern Hemisphere, I invite you to join us to celebrate Lúnasa Season.

Explore the season from Lúnasa — also known as First Harvest, Lammas and Lughnasadh, traditionally celebrated on February 1st in the Southrn Hemisphere and August 1st in the Northern Hemisphere — through to the Autumn Equinox: celebrations and soul work to honour the abundance of the first harvest, our connection to the Land, and the shift from the Fire energies of Summer toward the Water energies of Autumn.

We will explore Lúnasa season using the framework of the Celtic cosmology of Land, Sea and Sky — which exists in both the physical and spiritual realms — including traditions, practices, history, lore, deities such as Lugh, animal allies such as Crane (associated with Lugh), rituals, divination, goddesses in other traditions such as Diana aka Artemis.  

We also include Resources for your practice, introducing (or refreshing) concepts and activities that may be new to you, and which you can add to your personal Book of Shadows. In this Lúnasa course, we explore our animal spiritual/energetic allies, journey to meet a new or existing ally to create relationship with them.  

All course content available on January 28th. Join us any time during Lúnasa Season!

Full details and registration links available on the Ruzuku platform and on the Inner Journey Events website. Or, simply click on the image below.

And for those who have taken previous courses with Inner Journey Events, be sure to check your email for a special offer on this course! 

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