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Our lunar journeys are typically seen as New Moon to Dark Moon, and at the Waxing Crescent, we firm up the dreams, seeds and ideas nurtured at the New Moon, and ask Soul Questions such as “What is flourishing in my life?” and “How do I move forward, or continue?”.

Our journey with the Moon is often compared to Joseph Campbell’s mythic (s)Hero’s Journey. And at this stage of the journey, our (s)Hero finds their mentor or teacher, the guru who helps them understand their power, how to dig deep into their Wise Inner Self to understand what they are capable of on the journey, and to plan the way forward. Think of Dorothy and her series of mentors such as Glinda and The Scarecrow. Think of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or Jason (of the Argonauts) and Hera.

Maybe you already have a spiritual ally, mentor or guide. If you are struggling with your inspiration for the month (or season, or year) and feel a creative block of some kind, sit with your Mentor(s) and ask for their guidance.

But if you do not have a spiritual ally or mentor, or suspect you may need the advice from someone new, there is another way. You can call on ANY mentor or guide in a meditation or journey, even ones you do not know, and inviting them to join you in your own sacred Mentors Circle.

Meeting Your Mentors in Sacred Circle

Begin this journey as you would any ritual

Begin this journey / self-guided meditation as you would start any ritual, such as finding a quiet place to relax, ground, and center; and cleansing your self and your space. Consider breathing deeply and slowly to help you relax, release, and connect with your Wise Inner Self.

When you sense that you are relaxed and grounded, and ready, in your mind’s eye visualize, imagine or journey to the place you would like to meet your Mentors, a place you feel comfortable and secure, perhaps with a flame of inspiration or a pond of wisdom in the centre of the Sacred Mentor’s Circle. Perhaps it is a place you’ve been before in your meditations. Perhaps it is a place you have seen in your dreams. Or perhaps it is somewhere new. And perhaps you see or sense that your usual ally is already in place in the Circle… or perhaps someone new.

If you are alone in the Circle, in your inner voice, invite your allies into the Circle, ones who can support you now and are there for your highest good. Continue breathing slowly and deeply, and await the arrival of your mentors.

When they arrive, you may find that they come from the spiritual realm of deities… or not. They may be ancestral spirits of blood and bone. They may be archetypes such as the Crone or the Maiden. They may be characters from books you enjoy or an animal ally with some wisdom for you.

When they arrive, you may find that you already recognize or know them. If you don’t, introduce your Self and ask them to do the same. Invite all mentors to sit in the circle with you. This is the beginning of creating Right Relationship with a new ally.

These allies heard you call, and want to help you. Ask them a question, one that when answered could free up your imagination to create your goals or next steps. It could be something simple like these, or ones you create yourself:

  • What wisdom can you share with me today?
  • What is the key to moving forward?
  • What do I need to know now?

Listen with awareness. Thank them for their insight and wisdom when complete.

Meditate on their answers, then ask your Self these questions (or ones you create) for each Mentor:

  • If I were to take the advice of “Mentor One” (e.g. goddess Brigid, your Great Grandmother, your animal guide, etc) as a starting point, what now opens up for me?
  • If I looked at my question through the eyes and wisdom of Mentor One, what else would I learn? What else would I see?

At this point you could also ask another question, such as “What am I missing in the advice you have provided?”. Do this for each Mentor.

Reflect on all the messages and wisdom received, and how together with your insights a bigger story / wisdom is created synergistically. What is now possible for you? Be sure to journal the wisdom you have now received.

Complete the meditation with words of gratitude to your mentors, and return to the physical world.

Alternative Process

Find the mentor wisdom in your favourite Tarot or Oracle cards

I love using Oracle or Tarot cards for my Mentors Circle, and the unexpected insights that a random (but we know that nothing is truly random!) three card draw can bring — or more cards, if your intution guides you that way. I have tended to use Oracle cards for this, especially favourites that I go back to time and again. But if you prefer to use Tarot cards, you can follow the same process (a random draw of cards). You cold also use just the Major Arcana, and randomly select the cards that call to you.

However, before you pull any cards, state your intention (perhaps the questions noted above, or one you create yourself) and let you intution guide you as to how many cards you need.

Reflect on the medicine and wisdom of each card, and then consider the full story or guidance they create synergistically. As above, be sure to note your thoughts and experiences in your journal.

And do know that these Mentors are always available for you next month, or whenever you need their wisdom.