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This quote — a question really — from Pema Chödrön came up in my Facebook memories, from five years ago.

What if rather than being disheartened by the ambiguity, the uncertainty of life, we accepted it and relaxed into it?

When I first read Chödrön’s words, I saw them as an invitation to freedom… or even a definition of freedom.

I sat with her words for a few moments and wondered if they still held true, even in a year like this when so much has changed in how we live, play, work, learn and communicate.

There was very little we could control, but we could control certain aspects: our choices around physical distancing, staying in our contact bubbles, sanitizing, the wearing of masks … and the emotions we embraced.

Yes, emotion can be a choice.

Many quickly learned that we had to adapt and change, as conditions shifted around us. In accepting the constant changes and unpredictability, we learned to adapt… to differentiate between the needs and wants… to let go… and to respond rather than react.

If we have learned anything this year, is it that we cannot control or even imagine every outcome in our lives? That there is power in being present, floating with the tides of changes and going with the currents?

Rather than choosing anxiety and worry about the future, and trying to control every outcome, accept that you can not control everything…. but you can still make and embrace good choices. And that’s okay!

Is that not freedom? Is that not freeing?