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How do you find your inner peace?

For me, it is about connection with my Self… being grounded and aligned with my values and, most importantly, being present and standing in a place of positive intent.

If you feel that connection to Self slipping, take a moment and breathe slowly… deeply… connect to your heart… your Soul… remind yourself that you have heart and soul and beauty deep inside you. And feel your connection to the energies of Mama Earth around you… her deep rhythms of life, reverberating through us all.

When you slip out of the Now, you can very easily lose that connection to your Wise Inner Self, to inner peace.

Sometimes that can come from external triggers such as negative situations or people.

If you feel negative energy around you, be an alchemist — transform it with your positive intent, take away its fuel (fear or anger) and shower it with love.

And, in the words of Rumi, “Wherever you stand, be the Soul of that place.”