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Wendell Berry — in “The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture” — shared his thoughts on a holistic approach to healing (yes!).

For me, his words also remind us that we are not separate from our fellow creatures and plants, nor are we superior. When we recognize we are equals, partners, companions, we can be in Right Relationship with her, living in alignment with the Earth and her rhythms and cycles, and co-creating a sustainable future.

Our bodies are not distinct from the bodies of plants and animals, with which we are involved in the cycles of feeding and the intricate companionships of ecological systems and of the spirit. They are not distinct from the earth, the sun and moon, and the other heavenly bodies. It is therefore absurd to approach the subject of health piecemeal with a departmentalized band of specialists. A medical doctor uninterested in nutrition, in agriculture, in the wholesomeness of mind and spirit is as absurd as a farmer who is uninterested in health. Our fragmentation of this subject cannot be our cure, because it is our disease.

Wendell Berry, “The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture”

How do you create or sustain Right Relationship with Earth and all who live here — people, plants, trees, all creatures?

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