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Some time ago, I was chatting with a friend who quoted these words from Emerson… which prompted a very lively discussion on what the underlying message actually might be.

“Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.”

We have all heard so many variations of this idea: be careful what you dream, be careful what you wish for, etc.

For me, Emerson’s quote is a very positive message on the importance of clarity, of positive thinking, of the power of manifestation (when we are in alignment with Spirit) and of seeking outcomes that are in our (and our world’s) highest and best good.

And hopefully what we set our heart on is also a reflection of how we choose to interact with the world… and what we manifest.

The filter we choose can be so very powerful:

If we see the world through the filter of fear or anger, as a cruel and heartless place, it will be.

If we see the world through the filter of “less than” or envy, we will be left wanting or feeling inadequate.

But if we see the world through the filter of love, as full of possibility and joy and compassion and abundance …. who knows how strongly our outlook will manifest those possibilities, that joy, that love in our world?

I share with you one more quote, from Will Keepin’s twelve principles of spiritual leadership:

“What you attend to, you become. If you constantly attend to battles, you become embattled. On the other hand, if you constantly give love, you become loving. We must choose wisely what we attend to, because it shapes and defines us deeply.”

What do YOU think?

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