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Inspiration can strike us anywhere and anytime. For instance, a few years ago, I was waiting in line at a coffee shop at SFU (Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby BC) feeling very happy and feeling the joy of life.

As I picked up my coffee, I noticed a poster in the café with these beautiful words attributed to Buddha, reminding me that happiness is a quality that can spread energetically, organically… that our happiness can extend well beyond our personal boundaries…. that our happiness can also return to us from others … that one light of happiness can dispel so much more than darkness.

As I sipped my coffee this morning, the seed of that memory came forward. So I am sharing my happiness with you.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
~ attributed to Buddha

But as with many quotes, these are apparently not the actual words of Buddha but were inspired by his teachings, in particular this passage from the “Sutra of 42 Sections”:

10. The Buddha said, “Those who rejoice in seeing others observe the Way will obtain great blessing.” A Sramana asked the Buddha, “Would this blessing be destroyed?” The Buddha replied, “It is like a lighted torch whose flame can be distributed to ever so many other torches which people may bring along; and therewith they will cook food and dispel darkness, while the original torch itself remains burning ever the same. It is even so with the bliss of the Way.”

And apparently that passage made its way into a Japanese book on Buddhism titled “The Teaching of Buddha” and in this form the quote is now widely recognized and attributed to Buddha.

Both passages continue to inspire me… and hopefully will inspire you to spread a little happiness and light.

Source of this info: Fake Buddha Quotes

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