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At February’s New Moon, some choose a heart-centred theme … and not just because of the celebrations of February 14th, marked by Valentine’s Day and Aphrodite’s feast day!

The theme I shared for this lunar cycle — “forging sisterhood” — is a reflection of that: a desire to bond with like-minded individuals and SiStars as we plant new seeds in our life at this time of Imbolc, First Spring in the Northern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year.

One of the best ways to stay whole and positive, to nurture those seeds and to bloom, to be the wonderful and self-realized individuals that we are, is to surround ourselves with people who believe in us.

I love by this quote by Noor Shirazie:

You are made out of comets and stars. Do not surround yourself with those who treat you like dirt and dust.

⭐️ Sweep those people out of your life, StarChild!  ⭐️

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