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The New Moon arrived this evening here in Vancouver, at 5:28 pm PT, and I felt the urge to create a variation on a New Moon Spread, which I’m calling — rather simply! — Wisdom of the Moon Phases.

In this layout, choose five cards and lay face down starting in the North and then working “deiseal” (sunwise, from a NH perspective) through East, South, West and finally Centre.

1 North:  Where it all begins: what are the seeds of my dream?

2 East: What inspires my dreams to manifest?

3 South: What flourishes in my life as I ignite my dreams?

4 West: How will I sustain the dreams I have realized?

5 Centre: What ally or wisdom will guide me through the month?

I’ll be pulling my cards tonight — or possibly at the first hint of light of the waxing moon (that, for me, is the “real” New Moon).


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