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Passion flowers (passiflora)

A new moon is a reminder that we can be — and are — reborn each month. We can start afresh, begin new projects, or step into a new perspective. And this new moon is the first of the astrological year, reminding us that we can also look at projects of a much longer duration,  perhaps until the next new year! 

And know this: in the repeating and ever-turning cycle that is our life and our year, we can choose to begin again at any time of our choosing. There are no rules, no absolutes. We can step into the rising energies of the Sun and Moon at any time.

I am most definitely feeling that Aries and new moon energy of rebirth, and the passionate Maiden goddess energies, as I see signs of Spring emerging all around me here in Vancouver. Just yesterday, I saw the first blossoms on the salmonberry bushes and a few days ago indulged in fresh teas made with the flowers ofhe brilliant yellow forsythia blooms and the aromatic plum blossoms (pictured below)..

Last month, my suggested lunar theme — as we embraced the movement towards Spring energies — was Awakening & Blossoming. We are now shifting to the energies of Bealtaine, traditionally celebrated on May 1st, a time of awakening and sensuality. This combination has inspired my theme for this coming lunar month: Passion Ignited. 

What is happening energetically in your locale? Perhaps Mama Earth is just starting to awaken and blossom or perhaps she is already in full bloom. However she is manifesting energetically, take some time to consider your own energies and how those energies might dance with each other and inspire you.

What will be your theme for this lunar journey?

New Moon in Aries energies

As with any new moon, we align with its deep Yin energy, in rhythm with our divine feminine, our emotions and our intuition. Yet each new moon also marks the shift from waning to waxing, and Aries energy is all about action. This is a great combination with the recent Spring Equinox energy, and the beginning of a new astrological year!

Aries — the Ram, and ruled by Mars — is ambitious, enthusiastic, courageous, spontaneous and takes initiative. They are true leaders of the pack, first to step up and take action. In the dark moon, Aries shadow energies may be closer to the surface, manifesting as competitive, impatient, selfishly “ramming” one’s will on others or focusing too much on starting rather than completing a goal.

The new moon is a time to connect with your deep wisdom and allow your intent to arise to your consciousness, bringing focus to your intent, your energies and on what is rising in your life, what is being “fired up” — ignited — by the cardinal Fire energy of Aries. 

What seeds will you sow for this Spring Season and new astrological year?