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Header Image source: Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

Blessings on the first New Moon of 2021, arriving in Capricorn on Tuesday, January 12th @ 9:00 PM PST (January 13th @ 0:500 UTC).

New Moon energies 

This first new moon in Winter Solstice season is a time of deep rest, reflection and restoration as Father Sun slowly awakens Mama Earth, each day bringing her — and us — more sunlight, more warmth.  For those in Summer Solstice season, just the opposite is happening: still in the peak of summer, but energetically shifting from waxing to waning. 

What many of us call a New Moon is energetically a Dark Moon, a time of final release, rest, peak Yin energy shifting from waning to waxing. The moon is aligned with our Inner Self, just as the sun is aligned with how we manifest our Self to the world. That first glimmer of light of the waxing crescent moon (just like Winter Solstice) marks the manifestation of the waxing energy, a time of sowing seeds and marking new beginnings. For me, that is the New Moon.

Capricorn energies  

Capricorn is a cardinal sign (the beginning of a three-month cycle of initiation, stability and change) ruled by the Earth element. As we begin new projects, Capricorn energy gives us structure, stability, and the energy to “get it done”. Some see it as quite industrious, perhaps conflicting with the resting solstice energy!

At first glance, this might suggest this new moon energy is out of alignment with the seasonal energy. But is it? New beginnings need the focus and insight of our Winter Solstice reflection time but also the energy and structure that Capricorn can bring us, allowing those beginnings to unfold gradually, organically and dynamically. We can balance and integrate those seemingly opposing energies, and create a new synergy where the combined power is greater than working with each element separately.

This is perhaps a very long-winded way of getting to my theme for this lunar month: Being.

Lunar Month Theme: Being

As you begin this new month, stand in the energy of all that is around and within you. Rather than focusing on consciously doing, focus instead on consciously being: connecting with your Wise Inner Self, allowing it to guide and inform how you step into this new calendar year, and through this lunar month.

Pay attention to what your body, mind and soul might need throughout the month. Rest? Nourishment? Support? Action? Exercise? Creative endeavours?

Consider journalling this wisdom, and reflecting back on it at the end of the month, as we approach Imbolg on February 1st and a new lunar month on February 11th.

A simple ritual for the Waxing Moon

With the energy of Being, allow the lunar medicine to emerge and awaken you to what you need in the waxing phase of this moon, from January 12-13 (depending on your locale) through to the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th.

On the New Moon, create an affirmation for each day of the waxing moon energy. As with any ritual, consider creating sacred space and calling in your guides and allies as you begin.

Let the affirmations or messages flow from within, inspired by what you have learned simply by being, by attuning to the energies around and within you as they whisper into your conscious mind the medicine or knowledge you need every day of this waxing moon. What is revealed may be a single word, an image, a phrase. Let it be whatever it needs to be.

Note each onto a small piece of paper, and wrap it into a tiny scroll or fold into a tiny bundle. Or get creative and fold them any way you like! 

Place the collection on your altar or in your medicine/crane bag or moon bowl. Start each day by randomly (but oh so intuitively) selecting one affirmation. Meditate on it, letting that New Moon inspiration show you how to support yourself and interact with the world with its energy.

Considering journaling what you learn from each affirmation, how it manifests for you on the day selected, and the outcome you birthed.

New Moon Blessings!