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The 2021 New Moon in Leo arrives on August 8 at 6:50 am Pacific Time / 13:50 UTC.

This New Moon is very special. Not only is it a New Moon, a wonderful time to use the strength of the Leo heart and courage (coeur-age), but it arrives on the fire festival of “true” Lúnasa (the exact midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere), a time of gratitude and harvesting, AND on the 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal / Gateway, which some believe to be a cosmic portal between the physical and spiritual realms, seen as a time of heightened consciousness, high frequencies, accelerated ascension, connection and activation. Click here to read more about the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Perhaps some of these energies resonate with you. Perhaps all of these energies resonate with you. Whatever you align with, it is an auspicious day for activation and new beginnings. Are you ready to enter this new doorway of transformation? Are you ready to work with your heart, with gratitude, with new intentions?

Soul Work: Enhancing Courage

I like to bring ritual into my new moon soul work. A New Moon in Leo is a good time for rituals or spells for courage, strength, success, and leadership, all of which can power our intentions on this new lunar journey. One of my favourites is this simple but powerful ritual for enhancing courage, which I originally read in Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch (p. 279), and modified (a little!) to make it resonate even more in my practice. Modify it as you wish to make it resonate for you.

Preparing to make a Courage Essential Oil Blend

For this ritual, which can be done any time in a Waxing Moon, you will need a red candle to represent the Leo (and Lúnasa) fire, and either some Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) or a Courage Essential Oil blend, such as this simple formulation from Scott Cunningham’s The Complete Book of Incense Oils & Brews (p. 112):

  • 3 drops Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale)
  • 1 drop Black Pepper EO (Piper nigrum)
  • 1 drop Clove/Clove Bud EO (you may see this listed as Syzygium aromaticum or Eugenia Caryophyllata )

I prefer not to touch essential oils directly (they are so powerful and can cause skin reactions), so do consider adding the drops to one tablespoon of your preferred carrier oil (e.g. grapeseed, sweet almond, etc). You can then use this diluted blend on your skin for a little bump of courage when needed, as well as in this spell / ritual.

No essential oils? No problem! If you have any loose incense (or a single powdered resin such as dragon’s blood or frankincense), light in an appropriate burner and waft your candle through the smoke during the ritual. Or pick up a sprig of rosemary from your grocery store or garden, and use it as smoke medicine.

Begin the ritual

Meditate on the Strength and Courage you are seeking and create an affirmation for it. This affirmation will be activated during the ritual. In her book, Ann Moura suggests the followings words. You can use these, or craft something in your own words that carries your intentions for coeur-age.

“I call upon the Powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water; the energies of the ancient runes; the spirits of the hoary planets! As this candle melts, may these qualities _____ [insert your qualities or affirmation here] I seek enter into me, that as I will, So Mote It Be!

I share my intention for this year’s ritual here:

My heart is full. My heart is strong. My heart is courageous. May the fire of this candle ignite the fire within me. With this fire, I lead from my heart. With this fire, I lead from love. With this fire, I am love.

Then, begin with your own personal practices for creating sacred space, spell crafting or ceremonies such as grounding and centering; casting the circle; calling in the directions; calling in your guides, allies, ancestors, angels, goddess(es), etc.

Anoint/rub the candle with your oil (or waft it through the smoke of your incense), then inscribe with an appropriate runic (or other) symbol.

TIP: I love working with the WomenRunes created by Shekhinah Mountainwater, which have been transformed into cards by Brigid’s Grove.  The symbols pictured below may resonate with you: The Dancing Woman, the Rune of Power; The Flying Woman, the Rune of Transformation;  or The Heart, the Rune of Love & Passion). All can be inscribed quite easily.

Women Runes cards

You might also consider etching with a symbol that is meaningful for you.

Now, light the candle and focus your gaze upon it. You could also wave your wand, or favourite crystal, above it while saying your affirmation / intention to activate it. When you feel your intention shift inwards, opening your heart and activating your intention, take a moment to feel that fire within.

Close the ritual as you began it (closing the circle, directions, etc), and give gratitude to those you called upon for guidance during the ritual.

Blessings on the New Moon, “true” Lúnasa and the Lion’s Gate Portal!

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