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I love this time of year. In my locale, Vancouver, I see the signs of spring in the awakening and blossoming of Mama Earth and know that soon this urban landscape will be filled with the blossoms of cherry, apple and plum. The forsythia will be cheering us with their bright yellow blossoms and the Oregon grape (aka mahonia) with her luscious fragrance.

For the Wsanec, a local Coast Salish First nation, this is Peksisen, the Moon of the Opening Hands & Blossoming Out, as the “plants and trees are opening up their hands again and the moon meets their welcome”.

I set a new theme at the beginning of each lunar journey as the energies of its beginnings, emerging from the Dark Moon phase, illuminate my path until the next new / dark moon. 

As we embrace the movement towards Spring energies, my theme for this lunar month is Awakening & Blossoming.

How do these spring energies manifest in your locale? In your life? And how does the Pisces energy support you throughout the month?

What will be your theme for this lunar journey?

Get into the flow with Pisces

This New Moon finds us in Pisces, a mutable sign associated with the element Water. Mutable signs are times of change, preparing us for what is coming next in this season of balance worldwide and the shifting Equinox energies.

Pisces embodies the mythic and the mystic. Let the water energies of Pisces — deeply intuitive, feminine, emotional, empathetic, sensitive, imaginative, poetic — flow through your consciousness and deep inner wisdom. Feel it wash away any doubts, any blocks to your creativity and imagination.  

As you get into the Pisces energetic flow, feel your creative energy arise, “spring up”, and embrace all that this cleansing awakens, reveals and enables — the blossoming of your inner self.

New Moon Blessings!