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As we approach Winter Solstice season and the last new moon of the year today (December 14th), you may be sensing the powerful Sky energies — so much is happening as we look to the Sky day or night!

The long dark nights of December are illuminated by these special events:

This abundance of illumination inspired my theme for this lunar month — Illuminate Your Heart — and perhaps it will inspire you too.

Open your heart to the illumination Spirit is sending you, and let it shine its light deep into your heart and soul to ignite and birth your creativity, light your journey and inspire your visioning for 2021.

The Sagittarius New Moon

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For many, Sagittarius heralds a new journey. It is a Fire sign, igniting transformation. It is also a mutable sign, the change artists of the zodiac. Its qualities include flexibility, high-spirited (energetic and at times erratic!), with an intellect capable of seeing connections and possibilities.  

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter —so very prominent in the night skies this month — which is known as the great benefic, meaning “a doer of good”, derived from the Greek word agathopoios. Many believe Jupiter’s influence bringsblessings and benefits to everything its energy touches. When you step into Sagittarius energies, you may feel optimistic, expansive, confident, innovative, wise but also restless and seeking new journeys and adventures. 

But do raise your awareness to the shadow side of Sagittarius. Although “sage”, especially with all the heightened energies at play, one could overlook a tendency to excess, such as overspending or overdoing. The search for new adventures could result in moving on quickly from projects and relationships if bored or insufficiently stimulated. The Sagittarius energy may also lead you to make a quick exit to avoid the consequences of actions taken in haste or with little thought or planning.

During this lunar month, choose to tap into all that is good about Sagittarius. Let it be your guide. Let your aim be true, like the Centaur that inspired Sagittarius, half-horse and half-archer. 

Our Winter Solstice Season course explores visioning for 2021 and can support your lunar theme soul work. Click here for more info or to register. The course opens December 14, 2020, and follows the energy of the Winter Solstice Season as it transforms energtically as it moves from Solstice to Imbolg (February 1, 2021).

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