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If you are sensing that your intuition is increasing, perhaps you are aligning with the powerful energy of the Super New Moon in Scorpio which arrives on November 14-15th, reflecting Father Sun’s Scorpio connection and Samhain energy. And even though we cannot see a Super New Moon, it is much closer to Earth than usual, and we can most definitely feel that moon, as can the ocean tides, heightening the Scorpio intuitive and emotional influence.

The Super New Moon in Scorpio arrives
November 15th at 05:07 UTC / November 14th at 9:07 PST.

This powerful sign, aligned with the emotional energy of Water, supports us in connecting to our intuition, and to the wisdom and emotion held deep within, and can become our guide to dreaming and visioning for the year ahead.

And is this not the essence of Scorpio? Intuitive, insightful, private, emotional and perhaps a little secretive, holding and savouring knowledge as it is revealed.

The Energy of the November New Moon

My ancient Celtic ancestors, and many other cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, associated the November lunar month as the darkest month and a month associated with the dead (many even called this new moon the Dead Moon), as the veils thinned between the worlds. This syncretized into Christian faiths as All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and The Day of the Dead, all of which coincided with the traditional Samhain date.

November in many northern hemisphere cultures is associated with renewal, regeneration and transformation, as is our current Samhain season. In fact, Samhain is the Irish word for the month of November and for some, this New Moon in Scorpio is considered Lunar Samhain, which in Celtic culture was associated with the turning of a new year, of completing the harvest of the past year and beginning a new cycle, and a time to call on our Ancestors for support and wisdom.

And that inspires our theme for this new lunar month: alchemical transformation.

We often think of the scorpion as the symbol for Scorpio but it is also associated with the snake — yes, a time to shed new skin and begin again — and the eagle, with its clear vision for where we are going.  

The snake association brings to mind the ouroboros, the ancient Egyptian (and Greek) symbol of a serpent or dragon consuming its own tail, adopted in alchemical practices and hermeticism, and also a symbol for eternal renewal. Carl Jung saw it as a symbol for integration and assimilation of our shadow self. 

ouroboros, artist unknown

Hermetic philosophy saw humanity as being on a spiritual journey that would return each of us to a state of unity with the Divine, and considered this the “great work” of humankind, transforming through the alchemy of our inner fires.

For me, the serpent of Scorpio and the ouroboros represent the alchemical transformation within us. My ancient Celtic ancestors burned the remnants of the harvest to purify the soil for the next sowing.

Let us symbolically ignite our inner fires and cauldrons, transforming the remnants of our harvest into the ashes of release and fertility for seeding our future growth, and allowing our transformed essence to emerge. That is alchemy.

What is igniting within you?

What does that inner fire now illuminate for you?

What does it transform?

New Moon Blessings!

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