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The New Moon in Virgo arrives September 12th at 11:00 UTC (4:00 AM PDT).
Virgo is a mutable Earth sign.

The theme for the lunar month beginning September 12th was inspired by the archetypal energy of The Virgin, the symbol of the zodiac sign Virgo, and builds up from last month’s theme of Courageous Dreams. Use the energy of The Virgin archetype — bold, fearless and independent — to turn your courageous dreams into courageous actions.

For this Virgin is not the young girl beginning her path, pure and “untouched” as she is seen today. No, this Virgin represents the archetypal goddesses such as Diana, Persephone and Artemis. And those Virgins can inspire your new lunar (and coming Equinox) journey.

Consider the Virgin goddesses through the eyes of our ancestors. These goddesses were not virgins in the contemporary “physical” sense but in the sense that they were whole emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They were independent, made their own choices, and were beholden to no one. They were bold, decisive, independent, free and fearless. They required no validation other than that of the Self. 

They built on their courageous dreams with courageous actions.

If I —we? — have learned one or two things this year, it may be that one must be ready for the unexpected, for coming storms, and to be courageous in taking action, whether it be for one’s Self, one’s family or for one’s community at large. 

Let the energy and the courage of your dreams — and that of the Virgin goddesses — inspire your choices and actions this month.  

What courageous actions will you take?