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Today marks the beginning of a new lunar month, as Grandmother Moon begins a new phase — the New / Dark Moon — in Virgo at 11:01 AM PDT (18:01 UTC) September 9th. Time for new inspiration, new projects and a new theme in this new month.

What will define your theme? What resonates with you, in this month that turns from Summer to Autumn?

As you drop deep into your heart, into your deep inner wisdom, and connect with the world around you, what do you feel?  What do you sense? What do you hear? What do you know?

I look around me and feel the subtle shift in Mama Earth as the days become shorter, darkness arriving earlier each day. I feel the deepening of the harvest. The trees and vines are filled with the autumn bounty of their fruits — berries, grapes, nuts, apples. At the farmers’ markets, I see the second harvest of the vegetables that will sustain us through the winter months: corn, potatoes, beets, turnips, pumpkins,  squash and more. The wild herbs and plants are shifting from growing and blooming to seeding for new growth, and preserving their energy for the winter,  sending their energies deep into their roots, creating a deep connection with Mama Earth. This is death and rebirth happening simultaneously.

Here in the temperate rain forest of Vancouver, the winds and the rains are slowly returning and bringing the whispers of the goddesses of Autumn . . .  the Mother/Harvest goddesses such as Demeter, Ceres, and The Cailleach (“The Hag of Winter”) as she rises from her Summer slumber to trigger the transition that manifests as Winter.  At the Dark/New Moon, we may hear her whispers even more.

And like the trees and the plants as they ready for Autumn and Winter, so too can we align with those shifting energies.

We too are turning with the Wheel of the Year, coming to the West, the home of the setting sun, the waters of Mamai Mara (goddess-mother of the oceans and waters), and the month of the Autumn Equinox, where we can embrace that tipping point of balance, that fleeting moment at the Equinox when the Light and the Dark are equal, when the Stag and the Doe of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine stand together. . . equal, proud and in harmony.

We are (re)turning to our deep inner Wisdom, the energies of Autumn, reconnecting to our emotions, looking for balance after the Fire-y Summer season and welcoming the cool refreshing and cleansing Water energy of Autumn.

We are (re)turning to our Self, bringing the wisdom from the journey thus far. This is my theme for this new lunar month, and perhaps it will resonate with you.

Soul Work

As you drop deep into your heart, into your deep inner wisdom, and connect with the world around you, what do you feel?  What do you sense? What do you hear? What do you know?

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