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Blessings on the New Moon in Aquarius… which is lunar Imbolc or Lughnasadh for some!

My personal theme for this lunar month was inspired by the archetypes we are exploring in this new lunar month in our 13 Moons 13 Goddesses course: The Blood Sister and The Priestess, both strong archetypes for sororal solidarity, as described in the Women’s Wheel of Life by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard.

The Blood Sister is the peak of our Maiden phase… yearning for connection, wanting to share her experiences and wanting to hear the experiences of others. She is wild and adventurous as she finds her place in the world, and embraces the strength of Sisterhood as she approaches the liminal space between The Maiden quadrant and the next quadrant, that trilogy of archetypes marked by Nurturing: The Lover, The Mother and The Midwife.

The Priestess is the expression of The Blood Sister later in life. She too seeks the wisdom of her sisters as she transforms . . . not into an adult woman finding her place in the world, but as a mature woman crossing that liminal time between Woman and Crone, towards the fourth quadrant in life . . . that of Wisdom embodied by The Sorceress, Crone and Dark Mother.

The energy of connecting is, for me, how we manifest Sisterhood in our lives, how we forge and weave those familial threads like the goddess Brighid, who some of us celebrate at this time of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere.

Note on the artwork: artist unknown.

Do let me know if your recognize the source; I searched using various reverse image tools but was unable to identify the original source.