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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon Supermoon in Cancer
Arrives June 24th @ 2:31 UTC / June 23rd at 7:31 PM Pacific Time
Theme: Authentic Self (Re)Born

A New Moon (and Supermoon) in Cancer tonight! Such a powerful connection to The Mother archetype — the Great Creatrix — and to our own creativity, to our emotions, and to our Self. And just a few days after the Summer Solstice, which I am still feeling very strongly!

Normally at the New Moon, I work with the Maiden Goddesses but the powerful combination of Solstice and the sign of Cancer calls for The Mother! I will be working with Danú — the Great Mother — for support in this lunar journey. Other Mother goddesses are Gaia, Demeter, Hestia, Isis and Green Tara, and many more.

With which of the Mother Goddesses do you connect most strongly? If you do not have a Mother Goddess as an ally, perhaps use your New Moon time and ritual to invite one to work with you. Perhaps just listening to “Mother I Feel You” (see below) can bring her forth!


This powerful combination has also inspired my personal theme for this month: “Authentic Self Reborn”. Solstice is a time for new beginnings, Cancer is about Home, Self and emotion . . . and the Mother energy is all about birth, rebirth and creativity. Combined they call to me to step bravely into my authentic Self to (re)birth it and to share it with the world. As Jean Shinoda Bolen says, I am embracing being a “juicy crone”!

Feel free to use this theme in your Soul Work this month or meditate on it — and that powerful combination of Solstice, the Sun sign Cancer and the New Moon — and allow it to inspire your own unique theme.

Those of you who have been in this group for a while, know that I always recommend doing a New Moon reading in the lunar period leading up to the first glimmer of light of the Waxing Crescent, and framing it with your theme for the month.

Be sure to first complete your previous month’s reading, taking the lessons from your Soul Work and readings throughout the month, and build those insights into this month’s theme, reading and goals.

Download the Card Layout_Medicine Wheel New Moon Layout PDF (white background), one of my favourites, or use your own layout/spread.

If you choose the theme “Authentic Self Reborn” consider:
🌙 where and when you are living authentically… or not
🌙 where and when you keep your true voice, and Self, hidden… or not
🌙 where and when you nurture your Self, feel connected to your Self… or not
🌙 where and when your creativity births and flows with ease and abundance… or not.

Connect to The Mother energy to support you in your Soul Work and (re)birthing your true Self.

This month, consider working with a Moon Wheel Chart. I’ve been using one for about 18 months and it has provided great insights for me into my energetic patterns and state of mind.

The process can be as simple or as charged miles as you wish. For instance, you can enter the details of your reading into the centre of the Moon Wheel Chart and then use the chart to track your energy throughout the lunar journey. You can track any number of things, whatever is important to you: Moon flow (if you have one), ovulation, the day/date, periods of vivid dreaming, and any other factors that are important to you. I often note the card I pull each morning, and how many hours I slept.


Alder Moon, by Shekhinah Mountainwater 

Why do I use a Moon Wheel Chart? Over time, charting helps me see and understand my patterns and cycles of energy as they relate to the lunar journey — where and when I am energized, tired, emotional, inspired, sleepless, hungry or restless, etc — and how that changes over the solar year, too.

And even though I am in the Crone years — postmenopausal — I have found that my hormones and energy still synchronize with Grandmother Moon’s journey and that I am most definitely in tune with the Waxing and Waning of Mama Earth’s seasons too.

One of my favourites is the Moon Wheel created by Shekhinah Mountainwater, which you can find and download here.

New Moon Blessings!

Be sure to mark your calendars (and Moon Wheel Charts) for these upcoming lunation phases, in your local time. You can confirm local times by visiting this link and adding your location.
First Quarter: June 30 5:51 pm / July 1st 00:51 UTC
Full Buck Moon: July 8 9:06 pm / July 9 04:06 UTC
Third Quarter: July 16 12:25 pm / 19:25 UTC
Next Dark Moon/New Moon: July 23 2:45 am / 9:45 UTC



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