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This Full Moon carries so much power. Not only is it in Scorpio — giving us a powerful and emotional experience — but this Full Moon is a very special day in the Buddhist calendar, marking Waisak aka Vesak aka Wesak, when Buddhists around the word celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha.  Perhaps YOU are sensing that global energy of peace, enlightenment, transformation and forgiveness.

And each of Buddha’s transformations (birth, enlightenment, death) are closely aligned with our own theme in this lunar journey: Passionate Transformation.


Firebird by Susan Seddon-Boulet

You may feel like everything is enhanced, fired up… your intuition, your emotions, your sensuality, your passions. You are like the FireBird or the Phoenix… burning, transforming, coming alive. Zinging!

The Full Moon is a powerful time for the Divine Feminine energy within us, and for our emotions. Many women cycle with LaLuna… ovulating at the Full Moon, experiencing their Flow at the Dark Moon. But even if we don’t align in that way, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate our femininity and our connection to the Goddess. This is HER power time, no matter which Goddess you follow or work with.

At the Full Moon, many turn to the Mother Goddesses for support and inspiration, such as  Gaia, Demeter, Isis, Hestia and Green Tara. But there are Goddesses associated with the Moon who can support us including Artemis, Diana, Luna, Mama Quilla, Selene.

At this phase of our Lunar Journey, we are aligned with the Direction of the South and the Element of Fire as we birth our creativity and manifest our goals. We are fully charged with the fiery Yang energy for the next couple of days, before we move into the Waning Phase when our intuition will increase once again, and we will start to feel the drawing down, the drawing in of our energy and connecting to our Magick.

Be intentional in your Soul Work during this Full Moon, calling in the Directions, Elements and Goddesses to start your ritual, whatever that may be. It could be a release ritual; a simple honouring of the Goddesses, your Self and/or the amazing women in your life; or it could be as simple as lighting a candle and meditating on the Soul Questions.

We each have our own way of Calling in The Directions. Some like to start in the East (Air, Dawn, a new day in many traditions)  and some in the North (Earth, Night, start of day in Celtic traditions).  I tend to start in the East, with the inspiration of Air.

I recorded a sample Calling in The Directions that combines two traditions, that of CelticScreen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.22.24 PM Shamanism and that of the Chinook First Nation of the Pacific NorthWest. Click here to listen to the recording, or click on the picture to the right.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.16.10 PM

And for a basic introduction to Calling in The Directions, click here for a short SoundCloud recording or simply click on the picture to the left.

Once you’ve listened to these, perhaps you will be inspired to create your own Calling In.

For your meditations, journeys or rituals during the Full Moon consider these Soul Questions, or develop your own:

🔥 What is now flourishing in my life?

🔥 What is passionately transforming in my life?

🔥 What does transformation mean to me?

Full Moon Blessings on the Flower Moon!

Moon & Flower Image Source: an HD wallpaper on hdwallsbox