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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon in Taurus arrived at 5:16 AM Pacific Time
Day 1 of the lunar journey
Our Theme for this month: Passionate Transformation. Love Your Self
New Moon Wisdom: first, pause & reflect


We are in that wonderful time of new beginnings… a New Moon today and Beltaine (the first fire festival of Summer) next week. And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the Wheel of the Year is turning towards Samhain, which is actually the start of the new Celtic year (just as the Celtic day starts at sunset). So very powerful!

But not every new journey starts easily. Sometimes we are still letting go of baggage from our previous journey(s), and at other times our Inner Garden may not be quite ready for the new growth. We may have to do a little weeding or fertilizing. We even may be looking at other gardens and thinking “yes, it’s greener / more beautiful over there!”

So, first, take some time to pause and reflect during this deep dark powerful New Moon before you start your new journey when LaLuna starts to glimmer in that sliver of a Waxing Crescent in a day or two.

And as you do, remember this: each and every flower must crack out of its seed, then grow through the dirt before it can bloom and face the Sun. The darkness will soon pass as you move into the light.

Each flower is worthy of the sunshine.

Each flower has its own unique beauty and purpose.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”
– Zen Shin

Open up and bloom your own way.

There’s plenty of sunshine for us all.

This week between the New Moon and Beltaine is so powerful and ultimately passionately transformative. Reach deep into your Wise Inner Self — the Inner Garden of your soul — and create big bold audacious goals for this month and for the coming months. . . not short-term goals but rather something that is transformative for YOU.

Beltaine (aka Beltane aka Bealtaine) comes from the Irish Gaelic words for “Mouth of Fire”, and marks the beginning of “the merry month of May”. This fire festival is associated with love, fertility, sensuality, and relationships.

But let’s not forget the most important relationship we all have, and that is the relationship with our Self. Many of us neglect the Self as we care for others, as we put others first, as we look after our families.

As you create your goals for the new Moon and for Beltaine (or Samhain), be sure to embrace that fire energy and create goals for nurturing and passionately transforming your Self… your health, your vitality, your mind, your personal development, your abundance.

In your New Moon reflections, tarot/oracle readings or shamanic journeys, be mindful of this. Keep this theme in your awareness as the wisdom you need to transform and move forward reveals itself and opens up the possibilities for your transformative goals.

Some Soul Questions to consider (but definitely create your own as well) in your New Moon reflections and work:

🌸 How healthy is my Inner Garden? Does it need a little fertilizer? Are there weeds to be pruned or pulled, then composted?

🌼 What blossoms (goals) can transform my Garden to a place of beauty, tranquility, and abundance?

🌺 How will I maintain my Garden?

🌹 How will having this Inner Garden transform my life and positively affect those I love?

🌷 How can I honour myself and manifest love for myself even more?

New Moon Blessings !