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Monthly Lunar Themes 800 x 800 (2)

In the last lunar month and the Full Flower Moon, we explored the theme of Blossoming, Opening.

As I contemplated this month’s theme, I sat in the energy of Mama Earth and how she is currently expressing and manifesting her Self in my environment.

Initially, I felt a strong pull towards a theme of “Attainment, Fruition”.  Why? All around me, everything is in full flower, in fruition. The farmers markets are filled with spring and early summer vegetables, the gardens are blooming, Mama Earth is peaking.

But somehow something was missing, not fully  aligned. I realized that I am not yet in that place of full attainment. This year’s journey is still in progress.

I looked to the energy of Grandfather Sun and to the coming Solstice on June 21st at 3:07 am PDT/10:07 UTC ( * see footnote) and felt just what I needed: to Pause and Reflect. To stand still like Grandfather Sun . . . and perhaps even shift or change course, to end an “old story” and begin a “new story”.

Your story may be different than mine. As always, feel free to choose your own theme for this lunar journey. Perhaps Pause & Reflect resonates with you. Perhaps Attainment, Fruition resonates with you, or perhaps something else entirely.

Some thoughts on the Solstice and our (my!) theme

Summer and Winter solstices are sacred times, when both the light and the dark are birthed in their opposing hemispheres . . . when we can pause like Grandfather Sun and consider our journey. . .  when we can shift course.

Many of us consider the Winter Solstice a time of deep reflection and rest, but that also applies to the Summer Solstice. As does the Sun, so do we.

Pause . . . reflect . . . Look at where you have journeyed and what you have accomplished since the last Solstice. Then reflect on where you are going and what is left to accomplish until the next Solstice.

In your Soul Work at the New Moon, perhaps you can find your map for this new territory through journalling, reflection or journeying.


* You can find your local time for the Solstice, and other events in the Wheel of the Year,  at Archaeoastronomy.