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UPDATE: This meditation was scheduled as a virtual group event for 8 PM Pacific Time on Monday, July 10th and it has now been spread across social media. People across North America – and beyond – have been participating at their own time, in their own place.

Thank you for your energy.

The organizer, L Gail Ludwig of Shores of Earth and Spirit is now holding space for others to participate beyond the original date and to go (at least) as far as July 31st. Join us, to bring your energy to shift the vibrations from Fire to Water for our beloved Turtle Island.

Click here to visit the Rain4BC community on Facebook.

L Gail Ludwig, a member of our Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle, shared this beautiful and inspirational meditation for “cooling green freshness” to support Mama Earth in balancing the forest fires raging across our continent with Water and loving intention.

And she has given her permission to share.

Please feel free to share with your friends and on your pages.

Let our vibrations shift the balance from Fire to Water. 

From L Gail Ludwig:

Hello all,

I know we are all horrified at the forest fires that are burning out of control. My thoughts began with the ones burning here in BC, Canada, more by the day, but I know there are so many fires in other places as well. My thoughts and love go out to the ones who are affected by these fires.

So in thinking of all of this, I have been sending out “cooling green freshness” energy and prayers to Mother Earth, Father Sky and Grandmother Moon, to bring about moist coolness and rain to calm these fires. I want to experiment with this, and everyone who would like to, please join me. Forward to your friends if you think they would like to put their ‘energy-in-numbers’ behind this as well.

I know, scientifically, it takes certain conditions for rain to happen. But I also know that we are made of all of these elements, we are an inherent part of it all, and therefore we may be able to influence the conditions.

I have written a visualization for you to follow if you would like, or just offer thoughts and prayers in your own perfect inspired way. We will do this in the spirit of love, compassion and helping in whatever way we can. I invite you to focus your thoughts, meditations and prayers now.


For just a moment, close your eyes, take a slow relaxing breath. We always start with breath, and our own inner environment. We can’t give what we don’t have inside. So center your mind on how you are feeling within. Is your energy rushed and frustrated these days, are your thoughts and words inflamed or possibly out of control? Acknowledge the fires inside you, so that you can quench them, and then have cool freshness to give.

Breathe slowly, and begin to bring coolness inside, wafting over you, and through you completely. Now imagine moisture, like a fine spray of water refreshing you, extinguishing the blaze in your mind, in your body. With another breath enjoy that feeling for a moment.

Imagine water beginning to puddle around your feet, from your cooling mist of water.
Envision the pool of water around your feet growing, spreading out, farther and farther, eventually touching hot burning ground. And still farther it goes, moistening and cooling. More and more water courses serenely down from your body, your arms, dripping off your hands, out from your feet, and streams out to the parched land.

“Rain, we ask you to fall, refresh the land, quiet the fires. Wind, we ask you to blow the other direction and turn the fires back upon themselves. Send reprieve to the men and women who are working so hard to save life, home and land.”

Picture it in your mind; rain, dampness, drops of water on the leaves of the trees and on the grass. Freshness, moist and green. Dripping with revitalizing water. Send it out to the fire, send your fresh coolness, and imagine dewy green leaves and new growth.

Close your eyes again, breathing with peace and love, envisioning these watery images. Take as long as you want. When you are ready, take a deep fresh breath, and keep cool gentle Nature within you.

You can do this exercise whenever you think of it, and know that there are so many others of us doing it with you.

Be refreshed.