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The Full Moon in Capricorn is a few days away on Saturday, July 8th at 9:06 PM Pacific Time. This Waxing part of LaLuna’s journey has been so powerful and intense for me… and I sense that the Waning Phase will be equally as powerful.

My theme for this month’s lunar journey is Authentic Self (Re)Born, and as I breathed into my Soul Work in the New Moon energy something curious happened… I started shedding. I stepped back. I slowed down. I stopped doing things that no longer resonated with my purpose. I stopped saying YES when NO was my authentic answer. Rebirthing my Authentic Self, for me, means letting go of the inauthentic.

My Authentic Self is always there but sometimes it gets covered up or meanders away from my true path. Sometimes it’s following other people’s agendas… at other times, it’s people pleasing… or doing something to be “nice” rather than to be “kind”… or even tolerating others’ negative energies towards me.

When I stop doing things that are not “the real me” I can (re)start doing things that are.

At the New Moon in Cancer, on the heels of our Summer Solstice, I felt the pull of the Solstice energy — new beginnings — and the Mother energy of Cancer — birth, rebirth, and creativity. The “Juicy Crone” within was calling out to be heard (again)!

This morning I did a little bibliomancy for inspiration, to find a book with a message for me on this rebirthing journey. I used PSYCH-K kinesiology  to find the book, and statement to balance (this is part of my PSYCH-K work). If you are not familiar with PSYCH-K, you could use a pendulum to find the book (and passage or statement for wisdom). My process started with a series of yes/no statements:

There is an item with a message for this journey in our apartment. YES
This item is in the living room. NO
This item is on the dining room bookshelves. NO
This item is in the den. YES
This item is on my desk. NO

I followed this process until I found the item tucked away in our office/den: a beloved book that I reread each year. Using the yes/no statements, I was directed to p. 91 and this passage:

Are we doing work that serves others or generates a meaningful legacy?
If not, why not?

On that same page, the author reminds us of the words of Rumi, to

“let the beauty of what we love be what we do”.

The book was The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom By Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., a perfect book to (re)read this month with this theme! It is an affirmation of my path, of the creative spirit, and of rebirthing the Crone within.

Last year, when I reread the book, Arrien’s words on the Fifth Gate (the Rustic Gate) spoke to me and they STILL speak strongly to me… how at any age it is necessary and so vital to (re)connect to one’s creative fire…. to integrate our internal journeys… to find purpose and meaning at every stage of life… and to respect the wisdom of our Elders.

“And then you will come upon the Rustic Gate, etched with distinctive designs and opened to a vast green meadow flanked by high mountains. In the middle of the meadow burns the fire that takes no wood. On a boulder near the fire sits a gnome who wags his fingers and says ‘You’ll never find your way out unless you reconnect to the creative fire.’ The Rustic Gate requires that you leave behind the work of your life-dream as an offering to others.”


As I let go of inauthentic practices and habits, I am reconnecting to the things I love. I am letting the beauty of what I love inform what I do. That is what birthing my authentic Self means to me.

And in Leonardo’s words above, Spirit is once again guiding and working with the hand. I have started writing again. I am completing artworks-in-progress and creating new pieces. I am exploring new wild places and wildcrafting new things (flower essences, a first for me). I have connected to a group of Elders, the Medicine Collective in Vancouver, to learn more about First Nations medicine with them.

And today, I will journey to The Quiet for more wisdom on how I can offer my life-dream to others.

What is happening with YOUR journey this month?

How are YOU connecting to YOUR creative fire on this month’s journey?

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) for July 5, 2017
Day 12 of the lunar journey
Waxing Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius (Fire, Mutable)
Moonrise 6:15 PM PT, Moonset 3:07 AM PT
Moon Mansion 20: Al-Na’am from 6:47 AM PT (Concentrated and controlled energy. Passions.)
Monthly Theme: Authentic Self (Re)Born