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Woman Runes for the Full Moon

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish Gaelic)
Full Buck Moon in Capricorn arrives on Day 15 at:
08-July @ 9:06 PM PT | 09-July @ 04:06 UTC
Full Moon Rise 8:51 PM PT, Full Moon Set 5:07 AM PT
Moon Mansion 23 Sa’d Bula from 12:31 PM PT (Essence: Conflict, separation, freedom, healing.)
Theme for this Lunar Journey: Authentic Self (Re)Born

“From Woman you were born into this World
From Women you are born into this Circle”

In this first Full Moon following the Solstice, we find the Sun in Cancer (Water, Cardinal) and the Moon in Capricorn (Earth, Cardinal). The Sun represents our Will, while the Moon represents our emotions. These are interesting dynamics — and not without a little tension — bringing together the private, homey, nurturing/mothering influences of Cancer with the ambitious, detail-oriented, career-focused Capricorn… simultaneously looking inward and outward, focusing on our inner life and outward goals, our will and our emotions. And the Moon Mansion Sa’d Bula — with its essence of Conflict, separation, freedom, healing — also embodies this polarity.

And yet these polarities do not have to be a choice, an either/or. We can have both…. we can find the balance between the two, giving a rich depth to our choices and actions.

In the Medicine Wheel of this month (and reading), the Full Moon is positioned in the South, the place of Fire, home of the Celtic Sun Goddess Áine. It is the place of passion, manifestation, and action, the path of Coming Into Being. Here we are supported once again by The Mother Goddess, as we gain mastery and commit to our creativity, our goals and dreams. And our Solar Plexus Chakra is fully engaged with our personal power. The Woman Runes for this Chakra is the Dancing Woman, the Rune of a Power. The Serpent (kunalini energy) is a strong ally at this time… as it sheds its skin in the summer heat, healing and renewing itself, so do we.

In our New Moon Medicine Wheel Reading, in the South we ask our Self the Soul Question:

“What is flourishing?”

Create additional Soul Questions for the Full Moon based on your own theme for this month. If using the theme suggested at the New Moon, “Authentic Self (Re)Born”, consider using or adapting these:

  • What parts of my Self have I reclaimed and bring into this Full Moon light?
  • What have I already shed, that masked my Authentic Self?
  • What is now ready to be released in the Waning Moon energies?
  • What action can I take to affirm my Authentic Self, and to celebrate who I am…. and who I am becoming?

TIP: Select cards from your preferred tarot or oracle card decks for supplementing the wisdom of the card(s) you picked for the South in your New Moon Reading. Meditate on the story these cards co-create, and the wisdom they ignite in YOU.

If you already have an altar, bring in elements to reflect this special celestial event… the Full Moon power following Solstice. Consider bringing in herbs such as Rosemary, and elements to represent the Solar Plexus/Third Chakra, and the energy and wisdom of The Mother goddess(es). Fire colours are also good… yellow, orange, red. And July is also the time of the Fae… our faerie friends, the Sidhe. Perhaps something to embody their wild magick and wisdom.


And if you don’t have an altar already, this may be the month to start one. Begin simply, selecting items that intuitively feel right. It may be as simple as creating a space where you can sit quietly and meditate, with perhaps a candle to represent the sun and another candle to represent the Full Moon. I like to include something to represent each of the directions and elements, something to represent the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and something to Spirit… and something to represent ME and my Wise Inner Self / Divine Spirit.

My altar above has fresh flowers — St John’s Wort and Lavender — on a turmeric-dyed altar cloth, and simple representations for the Directions / Elements: feathers for East/Air, an Apache Tears stone for South/Fire, shells for West/Water and a pine cone for North/Earth. I also have candles for Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, my Goddess Stone and my Faerie Stone. The candle in the centre represents Spirit, and my Self.

The Full Moon is a great time to charge and cleanse one’s crystals. You may ask WHY they need charging or cleansing and the answer is simple: like us, they are pure vibration… waves of energy… and, like us, those vibrations may be depleted, altered or energized by other vibrations around them, especially when we are handling them frequently or using them in healing for the Self or others.

The simplest way is to lay them out at night under the Full Moon, on a favourite cloth or plate, to let them absorb that full moon energy. A Moon Bath!

And if you’re worried that inquisitive birds or squirrels might try to add your items to their collection — or that it might rain on water sensitive items (selenite, for example) — place them on a windowsill that captures the Full Moon energy.

I also like to charge up my sacred tools in the light of the Full Moon… rattles, amulets, talking sticks and more. I’ve even done this with tarot and oracle cards. I don’t charge up my entire collection… just those that seem to need or want it.

I use simple kinesiology to determine which sacred tools or crystals to lay out.

I create a simple statement such as “This sacred tool [crystal] would benefit from the Full Moon energy and light” and then slowly pass my non-dominant (receiving) hand over the objects.

Where I feel a pull, the answer is “YES” and the object gets a Moon Bath. You could also use your pendulum for the assessment.


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