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This is a significant full moon in so many ways — actually, aren’t they all?! — especially as it peaks within the energy of the June 20-21 solstice. I don’t know how this energy is manifesting for you, but for me, well, I’ve been feeling rather frazzled!

Others I know have had similar experiences. A few days ago, I met with my online art group. During our check-in, almost everyone reported similar feelings: chaotic energy, dropping and breaking things (I had managed to spill an entire cup of coffee over myself!), and many were experiencing a wider range of emotions than usual.

This Full Moon is in Capricorn, which fortunately is said to help us regain our footing! Steady and secure even on steep and rocky hills, Capricorn asks us to consider our longer term goals, to look ahead, and to make change.

Ruled by Saturn, also known as Chronos or Kronos, the god of time, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and is energetically associated with structure, stability, honouring traditions, tapping into self-determination and adopting an approach to life that is grounded, clear, practical and perhaps a little cautious at times, but definitely sure-footed and confident.

Earth is an interesting and transformative element. Chronos himself was said to be born from water and earth and his “seed” was placed deep within the earth to birth the first generation of Greek gods.

And so it is for us, too. Earth is the source of life, from which a seed can grow into a tree or flower or herb, but it also composts those same plants (and people) when their life is ended. Everything begins in the soil, and returns to the soil. 

We come from the Earth and we become the Earth.