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There are so many lovely rituals for Spring in Wise Women traditions, and I am always drawn to those that use an egg in some way. Eggs are such a potent symbol of the rebirth associated with this season, and can be used in so many ways in one’s soul work and rituals.

This ritual can be done at any time, but preferably at either a full moon or in the waning (releasing) half of the lunar journey. And its usage is not limited to Spring!

For this ritual you will need a raw egg, a pen or pencil, and a place (preferably with running water) to which you can go for egg release (a local river, park, or even a sink, etc). 


Start this ritual in the place you will be disposing / releasing the egg. As with all rituals, begin by creating your Sacred Space in your usual fashion: cleansing, setting an intention, calling in your guides and allies for support.

Take some time to meditate or journey on what you are now ready to release, that which no longer serves you. It can be anything that is no longer in your highest good, anything that you are done with but to which you still may be clinging, anything that is blocking you from your goals for this lunar month or season, or that which prevents the alignment of your inner and outer worlds.  

When you feel what is to be released, take your pen or pencil and write the word(s) onto the egg. You could even draw a picture of it, if that resonates with you. Perhaps a dark cloud for sadness or grief. Perhaps a lighting bolt for anger. Perhaps the number two with a strikeout mark to represent the end of a relationship. 

If you are fortunate to have a nearby river, sea, ocean, stream, pond or other natural body of water, throw the egg hard against the edge of the water (or on a rock you can bring with you) and watch Lady Ocean / Mamaí Mara take it away: releasing… ebbing… cleaning… washing away those negative / no-longer-needed energies. 

As you release the egg, state your intention or affirmation for the release. It can be as simple as “I now let this go”. You could take it a step further, inviting positive energy or a new intention to fill that void.

Thank your guides and allies for their support, and Lady Ocean for taking this unwanted “stuff” and cleansing it for you.

Alternative: Complete the Ritual at Home

If you are not able to access an outdoor place with running water in your locale, there are other ways to complete this ritual at home.  For instance, you could use a large bowl of water: crack the egg on the edge of the bowl while declaring your intention and empty the contents into the water. As above, repeat your intentions for the release and do consider inviting something positve to replace that which you no longer need.

Dispose of the egg in an environmentally friendly way such as using as a plant fertilizer. Or, simply turn on your kitchen faucet and pour the bowl’s contents down the sink, giving it a stir first to break up the egg yolk if it hasn’t broken already.

This egg ritual can also be done whenever you’ve got the blues… just smash those blues away, taking your “stuff” with it!  

TIP: You could even try a little oomancy — aka ovomancy — which refers to divination using eggs. The simplest form of this would be to akin to scrying, looking at the shapes that the egg whites (or whole egg) form when dropped into the water (this works better, of course, with hot water!) and seeing what the shapes and patterns reveal.