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My inspiration for this week’s soul work prompt was a quote by Carl Jung:

"In each of us there is another whom we do not know.”

One of the responsibilities — and one might say joys — in our journey through life, is understanding our Sacred Contract and manifesting it with our authentic Self, one which can sometimes can be partially or wholly hidden behind societal and cultural conformity, expectations, duty or law, or by our own fears. Perhaps that authentic Self is both our conscious Self and “another whom we do not know”…. yet!

What is a Sacred Contract?

Caroline Myss says,Sacred Contracts are “soul documents,” life assignments that are encoded within your psyche and soul in the symbolic language of archetypes.” She also suggests that you can change the quality and direction of Your Life “when you begin to recognize the difference between an option and a Sacred Contract.” (source)

When you are in Right Relationship with Self — for me this also implies honouring your Sacred Contract — you honour your values, qualities and beliefs and manifest them to the external world.

Can you be in Right Relationship with your Self, if part of you is in hidden from the external world and also from your inner world, from your consciousness?

Please note that I recognize that fully realizing our Authentic Self may not be possible for all. For many, the qualities of their true Self (or visible Self) are proscribed or censored by their society, their faith, and possibly by the law of their country, such as being a woman, being a person of colour, being indigenous, being of a different faith than the majority, or being two-spirited such as the 2SLGBTQ community. I will never be in right relationship with that kind of oppression of any individual or group. Part of my Sacred Contract is to hold myself equal to all living beings and to support equality for those who do not have it. I understand how challenging this might be for some, to simply acknowledge their true Self to their higher consciousness and awareness, knowing that one’s authentic and worthy Self may not be acknowledged.

Soul Work wil be a part of our online Bean Gealach Circle.
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What if you could get to know that unknown person within, the one who came into this world with a Sacred Contract to be _____________. Fill in the blank with whatever is true for you. TIP: it could be a quality or a way of being, an archetype.


If you gave your Self permission to be YOU and manifest your Sacred Contract, what would that look like? What might you do differently today? Tomorrow? The rest of your life?

What is your mission… your Sacred Contract?


If you feel resistance in contemplating your true self, make note of that and acknowledge it. What does it feel like physically, emotionally, spiritually? Where in your body do you sense or feel it? Ask yourself when you first started to feel that way. What was the trigger for that feeling then? Is that the same trigger now?

Once you have identified that resistance, consider integrating that knowledge into your conscious thought and Wise Inner Self. Start slowly by telling your Wise Inner Self that you have appreciated how it has protected you, that you are not judging it, and that it is now time to accept all parts of your Self and integrate them fully.

Then, begin by reflecting on the memories, yearnings, and dreams you had before that trigger submerged a part of you, hid it away. Use any tool you have to connect with your higher conscious, the deep wisdom inside that knows all parts of you. Your goal might be to meditate or journey (and reconnect) to She who had those dreams . .. and how you could manifest them now. You may find that that same dream could manifest differently now, expressing different energies or poul ossibilities. 

This is deep work, and it may take some time. Be patient, knowing that the awareness or knowledge may come to you slowly and discretely, as murmurs from dreams … a sensation in your body . . . a tarot or oracle card that you pull repeatedly . . .  a spiritual messenger ally showing up with a message for you… an unconsciously driven action or thought that emerges… from tt\he part of you that wants to emerge. 

You might choose to work with a practitioner who can support you in the work, such as taking a shamanic journey, soul retrieval, soul integration or other modalities.