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Image: The Sacred Circle by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, She Who Is Art

I suppose we all have rituals that once learned or created are never forgotten, and to which we turn to over and over again. Drawing Down the Moon is one such ritual for me. It was offered at a Full Moon Circle I attended years ago and I have performed it over and over again.

There are as many variations of this age-old rite as there are practitioners. If how I perform this ritual doesn’t resonate with you, change it up so that it becomes uniquely yours. Or look for other variations out there; this is where the internet is our friend and ally!

This ritual can be done during the Full Moon or New Moon, alone or in Circle, and can be paired with other rituals or sacred work. If performed at the New Moon, it brings in the power of unlimited potential, the raw stuff of the Universe, and is great for initiating projects. If performed at the Full Moon, it brings in the power and majesty of harvest and completion.

Ideally, this ritual is performed outdoors in the light of the Full Moon but can be done indoors (hopefully with a view of the Moon, but not essential). When performing at the New Moon, Grandmother Moon is not visible. If the Moon is NOT visible for any reason, imagine instead where it is: behind the clouds, below the horizon, and so on. You could even focus your energies on something representing Grandmother Moon such as a moon bowl (learn how to create one here), a crystal, a drawing, a painting. Its power is still there, whether the moon is seen or hidden.

And just like a shamanic journey allows you to enter non-ordinary reality, Drawing Down the Moon can be a mystical experience of altered consciousness.

The important thing is to perform this ritual as you wish, and creating sacred space as you do so… that is the place where the magic happens, no matter where you are.

Drawing Down The Moon

This ritual is performed standing, feet no more than shoulder-width apart, and preferably outdoors under the Full Moon light. If standing is not possible for you, be sure to find a suitable spot to sit or have someone bring a chair for you.

OPTIONAL: Bring some beloved music to play (softly, let’s not disrupt the night or others) during this ritual. One of my favourites is We All Come from The Goddess by Lindie Lila. Click the video image below to play in YouTube.

Begin by breathing deeply and slowly until you feel the tensions of the day ebbing away. Focus on your breath, feeling that slow deep inhalation reaching into every part of your body and into your chakras. Focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra in particular, as it will support you in your self-empowering Soul Work.

Feel the Air and lunar energy reaching into every cell of your body, inspiring you, cleansing you. With each breath you exhale, feel any toxins, aches, pains, or unwanted thoughts to leave your body to be accepted by the outside Air for cleansing and returning to Mama Earth.

Open your Sacred Space in your preferred way, such as cleansing the space, calling in the directions, casting a circle, etc.

Call in your guides and allies, asking for their support as you perform this ritual.

Now, look up at the Moon (or your symbolic representation of her). Really look at her. Sense her light, her energy, her presence. And now raise your awareness to the moon with all of your senses. How does her energy feel? What do you sense?

Call on Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon, in Irish) and/or the goddess(es) of the Moon, such as Selene, Diana, Gaia, Áine, Arianrhod, Artemis, Isis, La Luna, Mama Quilla. Thank the goddess(es) for their guidance. Send them the love that they give you daily.

Continue breathing in the moon’s energy for a few minutes until you are fully relaxed and you feel nothing but you and the moon.

Now, raise your arms with your palms facing the Moon, like a chalice ready to drink in the energy of the goddess and the moon. If you have mobility challenges raising your arms, simply face your palms toward the moon. OPTIONAL: Bring your thumbs together, then your index fingers, to create a triangle through which you can gaze at the moon.

Hold that position for as long as it feels comfortable, gazing at the moon and connecting with the moon, while reflecting on your will / intentions (the sun) and your emotions / inner wisdom (the moon) for this month, reflecting on the goddess as she reflects the sun.

Invoke the energy of the goddess in your own way, inviting her to infuse your Self with her power, her love, her magic, her ability to manifest and create. It can be as simple as chanting “I call on the goddess” until you feel her energy flow. Feel her energy fill your body, your spirit, your mind.

You are the goddess and she is you.

Hold onto this feeling, this wonderful feeling of wonder, love, energy, awe, of being the goddess.

Allow your emotions to flow freely during this ritual. Laugh, cry, sigh, yell, giggle, sob, dance, kiss a tree, whatever feels right.  I have a friend who hiccups and giggles every time she draws down the moon!

When you — or others, if working in Circle — find that you start to channel the wisdom from ghe goddess, let it flow. Trust it.

OPTIONAL: Before completing the ritual, create and speak your affirmation or goal for the remainder of the month, or make a request of the moon and the goddess, such as help and support for manifesting your goal.

Once you sense that the Drawing Down ritual is complete, thank the moon, the goddess(es) and any other deities, guides, ancestors or allies that have come forward for you. Bring your arms back to your side and take a moment to breathe deeply and slowly once again, reconnecting to Mama Earth. Feel that goddess power, knowing you can go forth with this energy.

Close your circle/sacred space as you opened it. Thank the directions, elements, allies, guides, goddesses, etc.

Should you wish to do more Soul Work or Magical Workings during your Full Moon work, this rite will empower your work.

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