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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 1, 🌚🌑 Dark Moon / New Moon in Pisces AND a Solar Eclipse
Sunday, February 26 at 6:58 AM Pacific Time (14:58 UTC)
We have another powerful start to the lunar month, with a Solar Eclipse (visible in parts of South America and Africa). An auspicious time for fresh starts!

For me, the New Moon energy doesn’t really begin until we see that first glimmer of light of the Waxing Crescent in two to three days. For now, we are in the Dark Moon, completing the last journey, embracing Grandmother Moon’s deep and powerful Yin energy, and strongly connected to our own wisdom and intuition. We are guided by The Crone, known by many names: Hekate, An Cailleach, Cerridwen, Hella, Lilith, Baba Yaga, Kali, and others.

Take this time to reflect, and refocus your visions and dreams for the next Journey. When we work with our Crone energies, we can face our fears squarely and courageously and can learn from them. We can accept our strengths, and embrace the fierce wildness within.

And like the Phoenix, this phase is not just an ending, a completion, it is a beginning. . .  a rebirth of light from the darkness. With the new light of La Luna’s crescent, our journey begins again. We start a new adventure. But unlike The Fool’s Journey, starting with a clean slate, we carry forward with the wisdom from our recent explorations. We still have endless possibilities but perhaps more clarity as we focus our intentions and incorporate the wisdom from our Dark Moon reflections.

This moon also embraces the coming Equinox (Monday, March 20, 2017 at 10:29 UTC) which for some signifies the official start of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and Autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere). . . a time of shifting energies, towards balance and equilibrium, and an opportunity to review and refocus.


Do you have rituals or practices for the New Moon? If not, consider some of these:

🌙  Do a New Moon tarot or oracle reading. At each new lunar phase — First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter, etc — check in with the reading and draw additional cards for further illumination as you work through the month.

🌙  Start a lunar chart or Moon Wheel (so many great tools out there) to track your energy and emotions throughout the month to see how the phases manifest in your life: sleep patterns, emotions, flow days and, of course, the lunar phases (new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, etc)

🌙  Set up a new altar, or add new elements for Spring (Northern Hemisphere) or Fall (Southern Hemisphere)

🌙  Start a new herbal tincture, decoction or glycerite. I do this every new moon! This month, I’m starting a cooling tincture for the liver (I am full of Fire and over-stimulated at the moment, so need to dampen it) using a recipe from Rosemary Gladstar (one part burdock root, one part dandelion root and 1/4 part cinnamon bark). I’m preparing it two ways: one batch with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and one with alcohol (vodka).

🌙  Create a (re)Vision Board for the coming new season. This can help you get back on track with any New Year’s Resolutions you may have created. Or maybe something new may be revealed! In the Northern Hemisphere, the sap is starting to rise. . .  definitely an inspiration for new things and new visions. In the Southern Hemisphere, Mama Earth is starting to reap the abundance of Summer. .  time to reflect on your own harvest and start to prepare for the coming Autumn and Winter. This exercise can be done with magazines, or with various collage/photo apps on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. This exercise can be a great bonding experience, too, if done in a group.

🌙  🌙  🌙

For a simple New Moon reading, try this: New Moon Wisdom Work: a Medicine Wheel Reading

We also have several in the FILES section of our Facebook group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle (see info below in footer/sidebar).