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Blessings on the Micro New Moon in Cancer
June 28 @ 02:52 UTC • 7:52 pm PDT •  10:52 pm EDT

Energies of the New Moon in Cancer

As a water sign tapping into our emotional and intuitive side, Cancer can be such a nurturing, mothering and comforting sign — and perhaps a calming respite from the fiery energies of the June 21st Solstice.

We must also be aware of the shadow side of any sign at this particular time. At a new moon — truly a dark moon — there is not yet any complementary energy or wisdom from Father Sun. Grandmother Moon hangs in the sky, dark and unseen, alone. At this time, as the old adage says, “Be careful for what you wish for”. 

Raise your awareness to your emotions and energies at this time. Are they balanced? Excessive? Are you using your energies wisely, conserving or focusing them as needed? Are you emotions plunging to new depths or soaring to new heights?

New moons generally signal the opportunity for a new beginning, seeding new growth from the deep intuitive soil of the balsamic and dark moons, and then bringing them into the light during the waxing phase of Grandmother Moon, from that first glimpse of light we experience with the first crescent moon up until the peak energy of the Full Moon.

Cancer is also a cardinal sign, elevating that birthing energy not just for a lunar month but this entire Cancer-led season. Be sure to honour the passing from one astronomical and astrological season to another. Take some time to look at what happened since the start of the astronomical season in April. What have you learned? What were your challenges? What were your successes? What inspired you?

This is a time to think big, leave the nest, step into the expansiveness of this two-fold beginning and sail into your dreams. Manifest into being a project for this lunar month’s waxing phase. But you don’t have to stop there. Perhaps you have a project for the coming three-month astronomical and astrological season, or a project for the six months until the Cancer full moon arrives on January 6, 2023 (wow, in the new calendar year, another new beginning!). 


And on this New Moon, perhaps you could heed the words of Sufi poet Hafiz (aka Hafez), as shared in the above video and his words below, and take a day of silence.

A Day of Silence, by Hafiz

A day of Silence 
Can be a pilgrimage in itself. 

A day of Silence 
Can help you listen 
To the Soul play 
Its marvelous lute and drum. 

Is not most talking 
A crazed defense of a crumbling fort?

I thought we came here 
To surrender in Silence, 

To yield to Light and Happiness, 

To Dance within, 
In celebration of Love's Victory

Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) has a message for you too:

Like Hafiz, consider taking a day (or two!) of silence at this new moon. Breathe. Walk. Meditate. Journal. Nest. Consult your tarot or oracle cards. Listen to your guides and allies. Create a new moon ritual. Do anything that you find comforting or restful, allowing your deep intuitive Self to embrace the new beginnings that this moon and this season offer you. Let it reveal its insights to you . . . and then dream them into being.