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June 3 @ 8:41 pm PDT, June 4 @ 03:41 UTC

On this full moon, Grandmother Moon invites you test the waters… and live, laugh, explore, seek and find.

In the last few years, the Full Moons in Sagittarius had some very powerful energies:

  • 2020 had a Full Moon eclipse
  • 2021 had a Super Eclipse / Blood Moon
  • 2022 had a Super Full Moon

This year, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon are taking a somewhat gentler approach with us. No eclipse. No Super Moon. No meteor showers. But Sagittarius has powerful energies even without any additional influences.

Half man and half horse (a centaur), Sagittarius — symbolized by The Archer — was said to be both a warrior and a poet, and a learned healer.  Some associate him with the centaur Chiron, others with Crotus, the son of the goat-god Pan. Sagittarius shows us how to be bold, to explore, to think on our feet — or in his case, his hooves! —  to be decisive and take action, and to seek knowledge.

Sagittarius is a mutable Fire sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. Its quality of mutability reminds us that we too can change, and transform, that we too can shift with agility to embrace whatever is needed. Its fire element ignites our passion for that change, and brings forth our inner warrior.

Its Jupiter energy is powerful, abundant, forceful and — at times — excessive. Did I mention Sagittarius can be rather blunt and may lack a certain finesse? Thank Jupiter for that, and raise your awareness to where and when you may need to reign in some of those excessive qualities.

What I love about Sagittarius is that it is also playful. It reminds us that we have a sense of humour, that we can laugh at both the inanity of life and our own foibles. It reminds us to not hold a grudge for very long, and to move on quickly and surely, learning from whatever outcome had manifested. 

Perhaps its lesson, its medicine or wisdom, is that as we learn and grow, we bounce around. We try new things. We may even appear to be a dilettante to others, at times. 

But, in doing so, we discover what works for us and what doesn’t. We discover our boundaries. We discover what resonates within, what inspires us to do more, and what inspires us to claim our self-sovereignty. Powerful lessons indeed.  

Ultimately, for me at least, the Sagittarius message this month is that the journey itself is sometimes the goal. If we do not seek, we do not find.  In the words of French author and Nobel Prize winner André Gide (and please excuse his non-inclusive use of “man” and “he”, which I modified in the picture below): 

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”.
"L’homme ne peut découvrir de nouveaux océans tant qu’il n’a pas le courage de perdre de vue la côte.”

If you were to embrace the energy of this Sagittarius Full Moon, what might new oceans might you explore?

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