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You may have noticed that we have, once again, a New Moon in Cancer this month. This does happen at times. That being said, the Moon moves into Leo a mere three hours after moving into its New phase, so some may choose to call this a New Moon in Leo.

But for me, this double dip in Cancer energy gives us an opportunity to deepen our connection to that archetypal energy and work with it even more.

The New Moon in Cancer arrives July 20th at 10:32 am PDT | 17:32 UTC.

Diving deeper into the Cancer archetypal energy

Cancer is ruled by the element of Water, a powerful and persistent force. Over eons it can turn rocks into stone and sand. It can carve mountains and valleys. It can cleanse. It can release stress and pain through our tears. It is essential for life. In the hot days of Summer, it can cool and refresh us. But it is also a gentle force. Think of the sublime relaxation of soaking in a hot tub… floating in a lake, river or ocean…  listening to gentle rainfall… walking through the mist… feeling the trickle of a spring or stream through your fingers.

Cancer is also ruled by Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach in Irish), associated with intuition and the ability to connect with your internal flow, your inner waters of emotion, imagination and creativity. Cancer helps you find your inner truth, that inner reality, and perhaps a new determination. Cancer is also tenacious (those strong crab claws!) and persistent like Water, and can support you in countering any inner resistance and old patterns with a new or stronger will and increased self sovereignty.

Most importantly, for me at least, Cancer offers us the archetype of the Mother — the Inner Mother, that which nurtures us, sustains us, connects us to our Sacred or Divine Feminine, and connects us to the Cosmic source of Creation.

Soul Work for this new moon

That archetypal energy can awaken you to your authentic Inner Self, the Mother within and the truths within, all of which ask — no, demand — that in your Soul Work you contemplate Self Sovereignty:

  • Where and when do you require external support (mothering) and validation versus drawing strength, support and validation from within?
  • What can be healed or strengthened in your relationship with your Self so that you can truly honour and trust and rely on that?

And as you tap into the Cosmic source of Creation, you might recognize that this second New Moon in Cancer is a new beginning, reflected in its Cardinal nature of initiation.

So much has changed around us all in the first half of this year. Rather than being in a reactive or responsive mode to those changes, consider how you might now shift to a creative mode: 

What is the world you want to create now with what you have learned about your Inner World and External World?

This is a profound journey, testing one’s “coeur-age” (bravery of the heart), persistence and resilience … but perhaps not the Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell but an Inner Journey, the heroine or shero’s journey … the journey of self-discovery and realization.

This is the time to step up. 
This is the time to embrace your sovereignty and individuality. 
This is the time to tell the world, “I was born this way!”