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Wisdom from Grandmother Moon
February 5th, 2019, 1.9% illumination, Waxing Crescent

Setting intentions at the New Moon…  but when is the New Moon, and when do we set goals?

Astronomers and astrologers provide detailed tables of the major moon phases: New Moon, First Quarter, etc. And many of us use these tables to plan our activities and Soul Work through the lunar month, diligently sitting down at the New Moon to pull cards, plan, set goals, releasing at the Full Moon, etc.

But there are many ways of determining a lunar month, and even a New Moon! Some cultures chart the month Full Moon to Full Moon. In Celtic cultures, typically the day, month and year begin in darkness (sunset, dark moon, winter).

Many of us align our soul work with the energies of the lunar cycle that mimic the growth cycles of Mama Earth from birth-growth-harvest-release-rebirth:

  • New Moon: Seeding, dreaming and imagining in the darkness
  • Waxing Crescent: Setting goals, affirmations & intentions in the rising Waxing energy
  • First Quarter: Nurturing and growing
  • Full Moon: Blooming, coming to fruition, releasing, peak energy
  • Waning Gibbous Moon: Early harvests at the Waning Gibbous Moon, releasing
  • Third Quarter: Full Harvest, reaping, celebrating
  • Balsamic Moon aka Waning Crescent: Final release, turning the soil, recycling, deep contemplation, connecting to deep inner wisdom
  • Dark/New Moon: Deep wisdom, reflection, the cycle is complete and begins again

So, for me, the New Moon as noted by astronomers (0% illumination) is still part of theimg_6389 previous cycle:  still deeply intuitive, reflective, NOT a time to take action but to dream, contemplate, seed and envision.

So although many still observe the New Moon as Day 1 of the lunar month, that feels out
of alignment with both my energy and that of Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish Gaelic). At that time, that “new moon”, I review the previous month, my actions, my experiences, the outcome, the cards I pulled throughout, and note the Wisdom in my journal. These are seeds for my next month’s activities.

When the illumination of the Waxing crescent reaches roughly 5% (for me this is tomorrow), then I pull my new cards, set my goals, identify my priority or priorities. That is Day 1 of my Lunar Month.

When is your New Moon,

your Day 1 of the Lunar Month?

You can delve more into the monthly dance with Grandmother Moon in our course Dancing with the Moon. Click here or in the links at the foot of this post (or in the sidebar, depending on how you are viewing this blog).