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Images by Thalia Took

In this lunar month (August 1st – 30th), I am exploring and honouring the Priestess archetype, which we are also exploring in our “13 Moons, 13 Goddesses” course (see footnote).

The Priestess archetype has been calling to me my whole life. I was always drawn to ritual, everday sacred, magic, Grandmother Moon, and my guides, allies and ancestors.

Perhaps you are a Priestess if:

You have the the ability to sense the Sacred all around you  

As noted in our August Lunar Theme post, Mircea Eliade described this ability — seeing the sacred as it reveals itself to us — as “hierophany” and acknowledged that those manifestations of the sacred could be in an ordinary object, such as a stone or a tree, or in a “supreme” way (recognizing, for instance, God in Christ and other religious figures).

You are a Moon Woman . . .  a Bean Gealach . . .  a follower of Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish Gaelic)

You are aligned with the cycles of the Moon and sense the energies of her waxing and waning phases, and —if still menstruating — you may ovulate at the Full Moon (this is known as a White Moon cycle, also known as the Good Mother cycle) and flow with the Dark Moon (this is known as a Red Moon cycle, and is also known as a Wise Women cycle).

Like Grandmother Moon, you are at your most deeply intuitive at the Dark Moon 

You hear the whispers of your Soul, of your guides and allies, of the spirits of the Universe and of your ancestors. Your dreams may be most prophetic at this time; keep a journal at your bedside and note the visions. It is during those dreams that your guides may communicate most easily too. Listen too for their messages and guidance.

You are in service as a “student of the Mystery” 

You lovingly hold space for all in your circle and in your community. . . but you also share your wisdom and knowledge, tapping into what is needed. Not instructing . . . not leading . . .  but, instead, you are opening up possibilities for others to step into their own magnificence.

Knowing the importance of your own mind, body and soul in leading and healing your community, you practice self-care . . . nurturing all aspects of your being.  And, as noted above, you have removed the masks or veils in life (true shadow work!) like Salome or Inanna, embracing your true essential self.

You see your Self as a part of your circle and community even though you are often in a leadership position;  you are nurtured by your community and you in turn nurture them.  It is a circle of reciprocal energy.

Some know the priestess as The Hierophant , the celebrant of the sacred and keeper of the symbols in Ancient Greek mystery religions, and the “person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy” (per Wikipedia). In those days, the Hierophant was typically a celibate elder male… but ALL can have a relationship with the Sacred and the Divine!

You imbue everything with Ritual and recognize the Everyday Sacred 

This is part of your nature. It is subconscious, part of your core being.

You move, speak and act thoughtfully with intention and purpose. You see, feel, hear, sense and embrace the magic, the sacred, the holy. You see the spirit and the sacred in all of Nature: the plants, trees, rocks, waters, animals, bird, people, land and sky.

You honour the changes in your world, no matter your faith or religion . . . the turning of the seasons, the Sun’s return each year, daybreak and sunset, the rains and snows and winds, the phases of the moon, the return of the birds and other animals from their winter homes, the budding of the leaves in Spring, the falling of the leaves in Autumn, the high and low tides.

You honour and celebrate the changes in life with ceremony and ritual: birth and death, partnership and marriage, the first blood of menstruation, the last blood of menopause, and more.

You know that Ritual marks and celebrates the great moments of life, and at times creates those moments using song, dance, music, scent, poetry, action and more.

The Priestess  recognizes the everyday Sacred. She knows that Ritual honours us, and feeds both our collective and individual Soul.

If you recognize the Priestess within — or are starting to —consider these questions in your Soul Work and note your insights into your journal or Book of Shadows:

How do you recognize the everday sacred around you?

How do you transform every practices into rituals?

When do you embrace The Priestess?

Is The Priestess a dominant part of you, or someone you call on when needed?

How do you celebrate . . . or guide others in celebration?


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