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Solstice arrives Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 09:13 UTC
5:13 am EDT, 2:13 am PDT, 7:13 pm AEST, 2:43 pm IST

At these threshold times, liminal times, such as these so close to Solstice, I often find myself experiencing the transition and transformation much like this: neither in one season or another, stateless between the two . . . yet experiencing the pull of their energetic elements, and the turbulence of the crossing.

Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and I sense that does somewhat depend on the previous season! For me there was considerable change and healing during the Spring months from April to June. I found some new possible directions and inspiration, and it feels like these coming months — energized by the Mother goddesses of Summer Solstice such as Danu and Gaia — are now the time to birth them and cross that threshold between thinking and acting, between Spring and Summer, between inspiration and a new way of being.

The words below from Anna Colton (follow her on Instagram) give me solace. Something is birthing although at this point I cannot yet fully see what it is. But I know it is ready to birth.

If you too have this feeling at this Solstice, let us together have patience — and wonder too — as we anticipate the coming changes.

What is the key to access support for you in this threshold transformation?

For me, as always, it is Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Father Sky:

In the times in life
when it all gets to be too much
and you feel yourself breaking
and you wonder how on Earth we got here
and where on Earth we are going
and it feels like the Gods have deserted
the weakest and the meekest
in their most fragile hour 

It helps a little bit to put
your naked feet on the naked ground
or to rest your head on a pillow of grass
or to find some sun to sit in
or a star to gaze upon

and as you rest here, being held
by the Earth or the sun, or a star,
know that a Mystery and an order
and a future Creation
may be lurking deep within the current Chaos

In much the same way
that a once swirling and formless hot mess
of energy and stardust
slowly morphed into a now living
and loving and heart-beating miracle
who can now sit in the sun
and put her feet on the Earth
and lay her head on the grass
and feel the joy and the pain of being alive.

~ Anna Colton

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Solstice Blessings!

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