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IG - Moon First Quarter (1)Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 6 of the lunar journey
First Quarter Moon in Virgo, arriving at:
July 1 @ 00:51 UTC
June 30 @ 5:51 PM Pacific Time / 8:51 PM Eastern Time
Moon Mansion 15, Al-Ghafr, until 01-JUL at 12:29 PT, then 16, Al-Zubana
Monthly Theme: Authentic Self (Re)Born

Relativity seems to be my keyword today…. for me, it feels as though the month and the year are speeding by so very quickly. I’m up in my head… thinking, creating, buzzing around in space which can be a typical First Quarter behaviour for me! Yet others in my circle say just the opposite. So relatively and perspective are definitely at play. I may have to shapeshift into a creature that experiences the world a little more slowly as I sit and contemplate my Soul Questions and Soul Work today!

This First Quarter brings us to a place of Air… yes, the home of vision, inspiration, perspective, fresh starts, and the mind… and the Goddess Brighid. How so? In our lunar journey — and New Moon Medicine Wheel Reading — the First Quarter is in the direction of the East, an Air element … and hopefully grounded a little by the Earth element of Virgo which may give us a greater attention to detail and our critical (or self-critical!) tendencies.

But be aware of natural tension/crisis feeling of the Quarter Moon, as you may find that with the Air element so active you might wander into over-thinking, or waffling between the choices balanced on your scale.

We are also guided by The Maiden energy — Goddesses such as Persephone and Artemis — as we take action on our journey. Perhaps you have a Goddess that you work with who is also standing by with her wisdom.

In the darkness and deep Yin energy of the New Moon six days ago, each day the Creation Energy — Yang — arose and has been increasing as we move toward next month’s Full Buck Moon. From that deep composted energy, a seed is growing … flourishing. And that energy is now emerging in your consciousness for you to manifest… to finalize as a goal or intention, however big or small.

Create your own Soul Questions for the First Quarter, or consider using/adapting these:
🌙 What is Beginning?
🌙 What will I Create?
🌙 What is the Authentic Self I am rebirthing?
🌙 What has been hidden in the dark for so long and wants to be brought into the light, to be manifested and reborn?

For those who do magical workings and spellcrafting, the First Quarter Moon’s rising expanding energy is associated with spells for new projects, growth, expansion, and health. Silver RavenWolf (in her book Solitary Witch, The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation) suggests a New Moon in Virgo, in particular, is good for spells and rituals for problem solving, making difficult choices, seeking clarity on your service to others or finding helpers for your work and projects.  The Moon Mansion Al-Ghafr is good for communication and business, wealth/money and seeking fortune.


Preparing my altar for today’s Ritual  

This ritual can be done once your intention or goal is set for the month, and can also be used as a simple spell for health or healing. It can be used anytime during the Waxing phase of the Moon and is perfect for the First Quarter.  (This ritual was inspired by/adapted from a ritual in Rachel Patterson’s book Pagan Portals –  Moon Magic. Rachel is also known by her craft name, Tansy Firedragon.)

You will need:
🌿 A small piece of a fresh (or dried) healing herb that is abundant and local for you, and can be used for a smudge. For me, this could be Sage, St Johns Wort, Rosemary, Cedar, or Lavender.
🌿A vessel for holding your smudging herbs
🌿 A favourite healing crystal, preferably one of an appropriate size you can carry with you throughout the day and the month. Be sure to check it energetically first, to ensure it can receive your intentions.
🌿3 candles, one white to representing your Self and two in summer fire colours such as yellow, gold, orange or red (representing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or your preferred deities). Position the white candle and the crystal in the centre of your altar / sacred space, flanked by the two coloured candles.

Light the candles and then, using any one of the candles, ignite your smudging herb and smudge your altar or Sacred Space, crystal and all directions (East, South, West, North and your Self) to cleanse the space and to allow the energy to flow freely.

At your altar or Sacred Space, begin the ritual by breathing deeply and slowly until you feel the tensions of the day ebbing away. Focus on your breath, feeling that slow deep inhalation reaching into every part of your body and into your chakras. Feel that Air energy reaching into every cell of your body, inspiring you, cleansing you. With each breath you exhale, feel any toxins, aches, pains, or unwanted thoughts to leave your body to be accepted by the outside Air for cleansing and returning to Mama Earth.

Call in your guides and allies, and all direction and elements, asking for their support in this ritual.

As you continue to breathe deeply and slowly, think back to your Soul Work and Soul Questions. What is it you are creating, birthing? What might you wish for more clarity or focus? If you seek wisdom or inspiration, call to your guides and allies for their help. Something will arise into your consciousness… planting itself in your awareness for manifesting. This is your intention, or healing wish.

Once your intention —or your healing wish — has become clear, pick up your crystal with your dominant (giving) hand and charge it with all that intention for holding throughout the month. Send it your love and good wishes, and ask for its support. Repeat your intention (affirmation or wish) softly and gently as you hold the crystal, letting it absorb the energy of your words and your thoughts. Cradle it and nurture it until the charging feels complete.

Thank your guides and allies, the directions and elements, the crystal and any other Goddess or energy who has come forward to support you.

Once complete, place the crystal in your medicine bag or somewhere on your body or clothing /purse (I sometimes slip one into my bra!) so it can work its magic, transmitting that intention to you throughout the month.