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Consider how you can bring this month’s theme of Awakening & Blossoming (or the theme you chose) into your Full Moon ritual and practices, such as:

Take time to center, to ground with Mama Earth. Libra is already reminding you of the importance of balance. This will help you ready your Self for manifesting your goals this month and for releasing whatever might be holding you back.

Connect with Grandmother Moon. If the weather permits, consider a stroll at sunset when the Full Moon rises in the East at sunset.

Meditate or journey with The Mother goddess(es) — such as Gaia, Hestia, Green Tara, Demeter, Danú and others — and ask for their wisdom about the shadow qualities that may have emerged, and on what might need to be nurtured, birthed or awakened in your life.

Pull one or more tarot or oracle cards, asking questions such as:

  • What is awakening and blossoming in my life?
  • What is out of balance and needs my attention to restore Right Relationship?
  • How can I use the wisdom of The Mother goddesses to support me?
  • How can I be of service, be a mother to my community?
Spring Altar

At this Full Moon, you could also:

Create (or modify) your Altar to celebrate this first Full Moon of Spring (or Autumn, if in the Southern Hemisphere), such as the one pictured above. This could include:

  • an altar cloth in Spring (or Autumn) colours
  • adding some seasonal botanicals from your locale
  • an item to represent The Mother archetype / goddess, so strongly associated with the Full Moon
  • something to represent your Full Moon name, such as pink for the Pink Moon (rose quartz perhaps?), an egg for the Egg Moon, a feather for the Wind Moon
  • crystals associated with the Full Moon such as selenite, moonstone, labradorite, milky / snow quartz, and opal. TIP: Consider charging your crystals overnight in the Full Moon energy.

For more on the energies of the Libra Full Moon, read our previous post: Full Moon in Libra: being in Right Relationship