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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon in Virgo (Earth Element, Mutable)
Tuesday, September 19th @ 10:29 PM PT /
Wednesday, September 20th @ 5:30 UTC
Theme for this lunar journey: Balance

Entraining and Balancing with Grandmother Moon and Mama Earth

Such a glorious week and such a glorious colourful time of the year (sorry, my Northern Hemisphere entrainment is showing!) as we approach astronomical Autumn… a New Moon on Tuesday followed by the Autumn (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) Equinox on Thursday, September 22nd.

And, yes, I did say astronomical Autumn. For me, the first celebration of Autumn was Lughnasadh in early August, the second is coming with the Equinox and the final celebration will be Samhain, also marking the start of Winter and the dark half of the year.

The Equinox has inspired my theme for this lunar month: Balance.

If this theme works for you, wonderful! If not, choose another theme that resonates… perhaps one inspired by your Dark Moon reflections on last month’s journey or other influences in your life.


In what is a hectic world for many, Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon give us many “prompts” throughout the year to reflect on our own balances… an opportunity to reflect on how we balance work/play, self/others, spiritual/ secular, etc.

Twice a month, La Luna moves into the Quarter position in her journey, when She is half-light, half-dark… a potent example of the fleeting Yin-Yang balance. And twice a year, we experience the Equinox when Mama Earth herself is in balance with Father Sun, when the days and nights have equal length, and we change seasons astronomically, from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Autumn.


So many influences at this time… The New/Dark Moon brings us the deep feminine energy of the Crone, the wisdom-keeper, the blood-mystery of menopause, the wise blood within. The Crone can be represented by goddesses such as Hecate or An Cailleach.

The Fall Equinox brings us the energy of Mab, Demeter, Hera, and the Spring Equinox brings us the energies of Persephone and Artemis.


You know I will always suggest starting the month in a couple of ways:

  • drawing cards for the New Moon Medicine Wheel layout (or any other layout your prefer there are a few in our FILES section). And this Dark Moon/New Moon also is the time to complete the PREVIOUS month’s journey…. your own Moon Lodge of reflection on the journey and noting the wisdom gained.
  • beginning a Moon Wheel Chart to track your energies/flow (and other markers that are important to you) throughout the lunar journey

And there are many other ways to celebrate the New Moon, the new lunar journey. For instance, I start many new herbal medicines at the New Moon… more on that in a separate post!

You could also:

  • create a Moon Bowl (pictured above) for tracking Grandmother Moon’s energies throughout the month
  • set up a new altar celebrating the Goddess(es) that are important to you at this time of year and in these changing seasons… perhaps Demeter and Persephone?
  • meditate with a crystal on your goals for this month
  • take a New Moon shamanic journey to connect with your guides
  • celebrate in Circle with others — sing, dance, share, feast

Do you have any New Moon practices that are special for you?


This month, I ask you to consider your Moon Time energies along with the theme of Balance as you draw your cards, and ponder on last month’s journey and on your new goals/intentions for the new Lunar Journey.

I often suggest meditating — or journeying — to your Womb, to establish or build your relationship on your relationship with that Inner Cauldron of your Divine Feminine, exploring or meditating on how that relationship has transformed over time, how you feel about your body, and how you might either maintain a positive relationship or transform a negative one to a more loving and positive relationship.

And for our theme of Balance, consider these Soul Questions, or create your own relevant to this theme or to the one you have created for this month:

  • How do I define balance?
  • How do I know when I’m in balance… or out of balance?And how do these states manifest it in my life?
  • Is balance a short-term effect or a long-term dance?
  • What aspect(s) of my life do I prioritize? What aspect of my life do I ignore, put on the back burner? How do I recognize when I take on too much?
  • What can I do in this lunar journey to maintain or restore balance in my life?

Shine on, SiStars!