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Such a busy and significant astronomical month…. a New Moon in Leo, the Lions Gate Portal, a Lunar Eclipse, the Perseid Meteor Shower and now a Solar Eclipse in a second New Moon in Leo.

Bring it on! We’re ready!


So let’s talk about this Solar Eclipse… and Celestial Mechanics

In many ways, there is “nothing new” here. Ancient astronomers devised methods to predict eclipses, recognizing the 135-month cycle for Solar Eclipses and the 122-month cycle for Lunar Eclipses. Archeologists have demonstrated that some ancient stone monuments designed to mark the solstices may also have been used to predict Eclipses. The “Aubrey Stones” at Stonehenge are a good example.

Of course, those ancient astronomers were also astrologers, and the outcome (or failure) of their predictions sometimes resulted in serious consequences, such as being beheaded by an angry King or Emperor, who saw these events as portents of success or failure. Astrology was used to guide many a leader, past and present. It is said that US President Ronald Reagan consulted astrologers regularly to determine best dates to sign documents, launch new initiatives, etc.

Did you know that each year has anywhere between four and seven lunar and solar eclipses, some partial and some full? The Lunar Eclipses always occur at the Full Moon, and the Solar Eclipses always occur at a New Moon… a simple fact of celestial mechanics. The actual time, frequency and maximum visibility vary due to the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the 5-degree tilt of the Moon’s orbit relative to that of the Earth.

This year we have two partial lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses — one annular (The sun appears as a thin ring around the moon) and one total (The moon totally covers the sun, depending on location).

So let’s talk about this Solar Eclipse… and The Magick created with the New Moon in Leo

And if there is “nothing new”, why are people getting so excited about this solar eclipse?

Well, we don’t actually see a full solar eclipse that often, as they peak in various parts of the world, sometimes where nobody actually lives… such as the middle of an ocean. But this one will be very visible a large portion of folks living in North America.

The energy of a solar eclipse can be profound. For some, it may feel like a year in a minute or two… especially those born in Leo, and the other Fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Think of the Quarter Moons, when the face of the Moon is equally light and dark, a balance of Yin and Yang.

Now, imagine that energy amplified to the Nth degree… light and dark, Yin and Yang, brilliant manifestation and deep Shadows, the Divine Masculine and Divine Masculine, a liminal point in time between your deepest subconscious and vast universal knowledge  and connection.

Eclipses appear to disrupt the natural order of things. They confuse the birds, the insects, the animals, the plants.

Use this disruption for you… disrupt old (and no longer useful) patterns… create something new from the perceived chaos and birth it in the New Moon!

Are you still breathing? This is BIG!

It’s time to reload… re-initialize… reboot!

This eclipse — combined with the New Moon in Leo — is a time for deep deep work, uncovering of old patterns, shifting paradigms and uncovering blocks by bringing them into the light…. and new beginnings.

Go forth!


Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon in Leo , 21-AUG @ 11:30 AM Pacific Time / 18:30 UTC
This month’s theme: Endarkenment and Enlightenment

Solar Eclipse Timeline (86.1% partial here in Vancouver)
* Begins at 9:10 AM PT as the Moon appears to touch the outer edge of the Sun
* Maximum Peak at 10:21 AM PT as the centre point of the Moon matches that of the Sun
* Eclipse ends at 11:37 AM PT as the Moon moves entirely past the Sun

Moon in Al-Sarfah until 8:46 PM PT
Essence: Conflict and confrontation. Obstacles. Rich harvest.