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The Quickening Full Moon in Virgo arrives 27 February, 2021 @ 12:17 AM PST / 08:17 UTC. Click here to read our February 25th post on the energies of this full moon.

For many the Full Moon is about releasing and letting go, and it is perfect for that. But, it is also about manifesting and completing that which you started on the New Moon. This Virgo Full Moon is also a powerful time to work on your personal and/or business paperwork, or your “things to do” list. 

Over the three days of the Full Moon, spend some time reviewing and completing paperwork, updating financial records, and paying attention to personal or business accounting. It’s the perfect time to use that lovely attention to detail that Virgo gives us!

At this Full Moon, you could:

  • observe your locale for emerging signs of spring, for new beginnings in nature
  • meditate on what is quickening and emerging in your life now
  • focus on completing that which you started at the New Moon on February 11th and/or the New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, 2020
  • set your intentions for a full moon release, perhaps using the Earth element in your release ritual
  • raise your awareness to any shadow aspect of Virgo that might be amplified by the Full Moon such as a need for perfection, control, or analysis-paralysis
  • embrace the Goddess in her Maiden aspect (emerging fully at the Spring Equinox) and let her optimism, open heart and open mind inform your choices.

Consider greeting the Virgo Full Moon with a simple blessing, honouring what this Full Moon represents for you and the new beginnings in your life. For me, the connection and influence of Virgo can be profound as we step into the light of the Full Moon, and as we step into our Self. We see and we can be seen. We can declare who we are, what we stand for in this world, and can manifest all that we are.

If you have a home altar, refresh it with elements celebrating the Full Moon Virgo energy and the new beginnings manifesting. For instance, in a previous year as pictured above, I refreshed my outdoor altar with elements of nature, my Goddess stones, a selenite wand, candles, pink Himalayan salt and a homemade Divine Feminine incense (burning on non-toxic bamboo charcoal) in a clam shell, a little nod to Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, symbolizing my own rebirth.

Blessings on the Quickening Full Moon in Virgo!

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