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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)

Although we are still basking in the energy of yesterday’s Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse,  and Lunar Lughnasadh, LaLuna continues to move in her cycle and has started to move away from the midpoint of fullness and is now starting to very gently wane towards her Dark/New phase.

In this part of the cycle, we incorporate the wisdom of our journey, experience the outcomes of the Waxing phase, harvest the fruits of our efforts and start shifting from action to reflection, from Yang to Yin. This is the natural time to reap and release — unburden, let go — most effectively.

How do you feel about this process? At times we think we’re “done”… and then Spirit reminds us that there is still something to be unearthed and brought into the light.

For some, this is welcomed… a new journey! … a new project! For others, it can be wearying… tiresome… you may start to feel “enough already!”

But are we ever really “done”? There is always new wisdom. There are always new lessons… or a new outlook, a new challenge.

Personal change can be both rewarding and tumultuous, and not just because of the process itself, but because of the emotions associated with the change.

Change in the world around us — natural, social, political — can also be chaotic and unsettling, even when it is a positive change.

No matter how big or small a change we initiate, it always involves letting go of something — a behaviour, a belief, an expectation, a “norm”, a habit — to allow something new into our lives, to bring us closer to the life we want, to move us further along our journey in life… and to bring us closer to our authentic Self, our Wise Inner Self, and perhaps to our purpose and the Sacred Contract we created coming into this life.

Yet there can be a mourning for that which no longer serves us, because once it held great value… perhaps by protecting us, or allowing us to feel confident or safe or loved. But perhaps instead of choosing grief, we can choose gratitude … thanking what once supported us, even if we have now outgrown its purpose.

And if unexpected change is thrust upon us — loss, death, worldly circumstances — we may feel anger, abandonment, grief or even stronger emotions.

But just as the Phoenix arises from the ashes of its own demise, you too can create new beginnings from painful transitions or endings.

In this month of coeur-ageous transformation, know that it is okay — nay, expected — that one will experience both highs and lows, that one may feel the need to grieve the losses/releases whilst still looking forward to the future and the joy of new beginnings.

You may be familiar with the story of the butterfly and the time it takes to prepare for its first flight after emerging from its chrysalis. The wings must dry naturally so that the structure of the wings will be fully formed. Interfering with that process can result in disaster… no flight.


So give yourself the gift of time. Let the changes and the transformation unfold naturally… and prepare to soar!

❤️ Give your Self time to process the changes

❤️ Give your Self time to release and let go

❤️ Give your Self time to adjust to and embrace the new

You may feel an impetus to fix everything at once. But transformation has its own timetable. We must crawl before we can walk. We must walk before we can run. Like the butterfly, we must let the wings of transformation dry and become solid enough to carry us into flight.

If you are feeling that pressure, perhaps that is a belief you can now release, however it manifests for you: that there is a timetable you can hasten… that you can control everything… that your conscious mind can control the transformation of your heart and soul… that you should be done” by now… that you need fixing.

Because a vacuum is created when something leaves, create an affirmation — a new belief — in your own words expressing how perfect it is that everything will unfold naturally in its own time… and how joyous that journey will be.

Wherever you are in your journey, that’s the perfect place to be.

Continue to honour who you were and who you are becoming.

And remember . . . You already are a Goddess!

🍀Pronunciation Tip
Seanmháthair Gealach, Irish Gaelic for Grandmother Moon, is pronounced Shan-waw-her Gee-al-ack. Of course, accents change across Ireland so other may pronounce these words with regional variations.