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Some celebrate Imbolc on the precise midpoint between the Winter Equinox and the Spring Equinox . . .  and that day is today, February 4th! Check out to see the precise dates of the Wheel of the Year in your locale.

In celebration of the arrival of Early Spring, and the coming Spring Equinox just six weeks away, I’m working on some new recipes for a Spring Awakening Tea, inspired by the goddess Persephone.

I am using traditional “spring tonic” herbs, those that refresh and energize, to help us banish the sluggishness of our winter rest, refresh and energize, boost our immunity to seasonal allergies and support our digestivesystems . . . and taste good too!

What are your favourite spring herbs or teas?

I’m working on several recipes at the moment, trying to get the perfect blend of healing benefits and taste, using herbs associated with spring energy such as oat straw, red clover, raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, chickweed, cleavers, dandelion root and leaves, burdock root, rose petals, rose hips, and various herbs from the mint family (Lamiaceae).

FYI, Lamiaceae is a very large classification and some members of this family may (or may not!) surprise you: basil, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, thyme, lavender, oregano, sweet marjoram, sage, savoury, hyssop, motherwort, salvia and more. Click here for more info on this plant family.

Of course, I’d love to find some natural way of incorporating pomegranate into my formulation (so full of nutrients and antioxidants), as this precious fruit is so strongly associated with the Spring goddess Persephone. I’ve got a few recipes in progress, using many of the herbs above and maybe some others such as hibiscus . . . the possibilities are endless!


Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

I’ll be sharing the recipe in our upcoming Spring Equinox course, now open for the Early Bird registration until February 29, 2020.

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